Little Chinese Boy Stops Suicidal Mom Even After She Cut His Neck

6-Year-Old Boy Has Neck Cut By Mother, Falls on Ground; Upon Seeing Her About to Kill Herself, Endures Pain and Wrestles Knife Away On the m...

Little Chinese Boy Stops Suicidal Mom Even After She Cut His Neck

6-Year-Old Boy Has Neck Cut By Mother, Falls on Ground; Upon Seeing Her About to Kill Herself, Endures Pain and Wrestles Knife Away

On the morning of June 5, a Jiaxing city Haining county netizen reported that a mother prepared to commit suicide after slashing her son’s neck only to have the perceptive son, in order to save his mother, ignore his own injury, get up, and try to wrestle the knife away from his mother. During the struggle for the knife, the son’s hands were cut by the sharp knife. Perhaps as a result of love reawakening reason, the mother subsequently called the police.

At present, after emergency medical treatment and surgery, both mother and son are out of life-threatening danger.

Call in the Morning to Ex-Husband: “I’m Dying, And Your Son’s Already Dead”

After this Zhejiang Online reporter gathered information from the Haining police and hospital, it was roughly understood that the mother is surnamed Zhan, is 34 years old, and from Chunan.

Zhan’s temper is very poor, and often had fights with ex-husband Shi and his family members over minor family issues, even shouting threats to kill herself by jumping off the building or writing giant words on their apartment’s walls. If 6-year-old son Xiao Yu didn’t do things her way, she would hit him with a stick.

As a result of the couple not getting along, Zhan and her ex-husband divorced in 2010, with custody of the son given to the husband. Before the divorce, Zhan worked in a Haining factory. After the divorce, Zhan didn’t leave her ex-husband’s home, but instead made a place for herself to sleep and continued to live there for half a year.

In April of this year, Zhan once again returned to her ex-husband’s place, made a place for herself to sleep in the car shed, and lived there for a while. Her son Xiao Yu would live there with her sometimes.

Yesterday [June 4], after yet another trifle, Zhan had an argument with her mother-in-law, and in her anger, she went to the kindergarten, picked up and left with her son.

It was only when Shi went to pick up his child that he found out from the teacher that his son had been picked up by the mother. He called Zhan but could not get through. Given that there had been incidents before where Zhan had taken their son out without returning the entire night, even leaving for as long as over 20 days without returning home, the family did not think much of it at the time.

Until this morning [June 5], when Zhan called and said something to the effect of “I’m dying, and your son is already dead”. Shi has said such angry and spiteful words before, so Shi ignored her and hung up the phone.

Then Zhan called her father-in-law, and her father-in-law also paid her no attention.

It wasn’t until Shi received another call from Zhan and could hear the sound of an ambulance from the other end that he realized that something bad happened. At the time, he just thought it was his ex-wife having attempted suicide, but never in his dreams would he have thought she might lay her hands on their child. Until he rushed to the hospital, saw his son lying on the stretcher, neck covered with blood, where he stood in shock.

Little Chinese Boy Stops Suicidal Mom Even After She Cut His Neck

The Son Has Already Regained Consciousness; In Good Mental State and No Serious Harm

Today [June 5], Xiaoyu was supposed to go to his kindergarten to take a class graduation photo. At a little past 5:00 in the morning, Zhan took her son to Dongshan Park, and used a 20-30 centimeter long fruit knife making a cut on Xiao Yu’s neck. Scared and frightened, Xiao Yu fell to the ground in pain, fresh blood flowing. As Zhan prepared to use the knife to cut her own neck, Xiao Yu struggled to yell, “Mom, don’t”, reaching out with his small hand trying to wrest away the knife in his mother’s hand, and during the struggle, Xiao Yu’s hand was also cut and wounded.

Perhaps it was her son’s plea that reawakened the mother’s reason [because] after Zhan made one cut on her neck, she stopped, and dialed 120 and 110 [emergency numbers for ambulance and police].

After the incident, Haining Police immediately dispatched police, and the ambulance also immediately took mother and son to hospital where after emergency treatment, the two of them are out of life-threatening danger.

According to the latest information from the hospital, Xiao Yu has already regained consciousness, is in a good mental state, and with no serious harm. Zhan too has been transferred to a regular room.

Inside Zhan’s handbag, police discovered more than ten suicide notes, saying things like “I am leaving and I am going to take this love with me too…”, reflecting Zhan’s world-weary state of mind.

At present, the specific reasons for Zhan violent crime are under further investigation.



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