Why Dinosaurs Are Might Still Out There

Dinosaurs are supposed to have died out long, long ago. No doubt most did, but a few stragglers seem to have survived, at least if you belie...

Dinosaurs are supposed to have died out long, long ago. No doubt most did, but a few stragglers seem to have survived, at least if you believe the reports of eye-witnesses over the centuries.

Although dinosaurs are seen and reported all over the world, the hotspots seem to be localized in central Africa, near the coastline of a region in Papua New Guinea, and within the bleak territory of northwestern China.

The species in New Zealand are alive and well. Their existence tends to prove that some dinosaur families may have survived to present day.

Four cases from the past several years are explored. And the final article investigates the possibility that intelligent dinosaurs may walk among us today!

Two dinosaur species found alive in Papua New Guinea

Sensational eyewitness reports—collected by determined exploration teams seeking evidence of the creatures—have led serious researchers to the conclusion that two distinct animals do exist.

The detailed descriptions of both monsters match that of the incredible pterosaurs: ferocious flying dinosaurs thought to be extinct for nearly 65 million years!

Confirmed: African natives kill dinosaur 

Do dinosaurs still walk the earth? Many researchers including some university scientists believe so. Dinosaurs have been reported all over the planet for thousands of years. Some have slipped into myth as dragons, others into modern legend like Loch Ness. Yet from Papua New Guinea to South America, from Canada to the United Kingdom, and from the hidden lakes of Russia to the steamy jungles of central Africa, the reports of dinosaurs and monstrous beasts persist. Recently, new evidence has emerged increasing the credibility that African natives killed a dinosaur in a ferocious battle between desperate tribal warriors and an enraged, savage, prehistoric swamp beast…

Frantic police chase snarling, rampaging dinosaur 

Near the earthquake damaged village of Rabaul, just several miles south of the provincial capital of Kokopo, screaming villagers breathlessly reported an attack by a giant, unknown creature.

Authorities, hearing the detailed and vivid descriptions, recognized it immediately as a dinosaur sighting. They rushed to dispatch a heavily-armed police unit to track down the rampaging beast.

Live baby dinosaur discovered in New Zealand

Most people were taught the mighty race of dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago. But it’s not true. Dinosaurs still walk the Earth.

A dinosaur that didn’t go extinct 65 million years ago may be news to some people, including many Western paleontologists that have created a cottage industry debunking living dinosaur stories. Well here’s one they can’t debunk because even New Zealand scientists agree that this dinosaur specimen is the real deal!

Why Dinosaurs May Still Rule The Earth

Has the dinosaur race watched Mankind evolve over millions of years? Surprising evidence, culled from research over the past century, leads some investigators to believe that the race of dinosaurs never completely died out: the most intelligent of them survived.

Those dinosaurs may have eventually created advanced technologies and a super-science leading to amazing technology including interstellar travel Over time they might have explored and colonized other planets creating a network of offworld societies. Some researchers of extraterrestrial contactee cases argue that many of the ETs encountered today are not aliens from another world, but the original masters of Earth.



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