Governments Know About A Possible Pending Global Disaster — 2013

World powers know about a possible pending destruction, but are not announcing it, in order to take advantage of the common man's ignora...

World powers know about a possible pending destruction, but are not announcing it, in order to take advantage of the common man's ignorance...

The main stream media has focused mainly on the global unrest and have remained quiet of environment situations. Governments have remained quiet. Scientists have stayed mum for now.

For those who are not yet aware that governments take precautions for a possible global disaster, here are some remarkable facts:

The U.S. Space Shuttle launched its last mission in mid-2011. At that time, NASA entirely abanded it’s government-funded manned spaceflight program.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was sealed in 2011. This seed bank will allow the world to restart agriculture given a global catastrophe.

The impending total collapse of the global financial system. It is as if various governments are not expecting to have to pay back their debts, perhaps anticipating a global economic reset due to reasons not currently stated.

Governments, Organisations and Military building at an increased rate World Wide Underground Survival Bunkers. The rise of Bunkers being built around the World be almost 700% in the past 3-5 years. The governments of the world have been building 1000's of deep underground bunkers (D.U.M.B.s) for many years.

The U.S. is digging huge underground facilities in inhospitable regions difficult for the masses to reach!

China is digging extraordinary subway complexes under most of its major cities in a crash program that seems odd in terms of timing and scope.

Russia announced in 2011 that it is adding 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow, enabling it to protect all of Moscow's residents. The project had to be ready in 2012.. Russia's new subway systems have also been place deeper than needed so that they can be used as deep emergency shelters.

The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people of Norway.

Fema Camps: Over the past few years, FEMA has been very busy, building 'camps' and has acquired millions of body bags. They are also stockpiling millions of tons of dried food. A public service announcement from FEMA in 2011, suggesting that we all get a survival kit, in case our ‘world is turned upside down’ and DHS is buying for billions of rounds of ammo! Why?

Why all these preparations, and why the rush?

Solar activity will continue to increase as the solar cycle progresses toward solar maximum, expected in the 2013 time frame.

NASA is now predicting that the Sun may generate unprecedented solar storms for a lengthy period in 2013.  They cannot accurately predict Earth's normal weather a week in advance, and it is by no means clear how NASA can do this with respect unprecedented weather on the Sun years in advance. They are saying that they are more dependent on vulnerable computer technology now. But we had similar dependencies in 2001 and 1990 when previous 11-year solar cycles hit. What is different about the current cycle?

Remote viewing experts mention a mysterious "object" about 13 by 30 kilometers, heading towards our Sun. (Maybe Comet ISON?).

Some might suggest that NASA is acting as if it has some extra information that is not currently stated! Besides, Darkskywatcher74 suggest that NASA is changing and manipulating orbital diagrams for comet C/2012 C1 - ISON.

Comet ISON as seen on May 2, 2013. The tail lenght is much bigger than expect..

Recent data from the remote viewing sessions, shows the mysterious "object" to approach our planet from the opposite side of the Sun. They say it will approach so close that it might break apart, turning into many smaller objects.

If it remains intact, the trajectory calls for an approach to our planet by an orbit a little greater than that of our Moon. But if it breaks apart from its close approach to the Sun, this may change.

Remote viewers predicting events that would happen prior to a solar or meteor impact.

The remote viewers were able to give two: The detonation of another nuclear bomb by North Korea (The Korean detonation happened February 11, 2013 - the same day the Pope resigned) and the emergency landing of some type of flying vehicle (Perhaps the escape pod of the international space station) because of debris falling towards Earth.

A sign?

Space rock left a bullet-sized hole in ISS solar panel

The unusual activities from governments and organizations, the analysis from the remote viewers, the solar maximum this year, the significant increase in meteors and meteorites exploding near the earth's surface, and  a space rock left a bullet-sized hole in an ISS solar panel and there was a radiator ammonia leak at the ISS.(Astronauts complete contigency spacewalk to repair leak).

Is it possible that all these preparations, predictions and signs refer to a pending meteor shower?

Rather than a meteor or comet, a massive meteor shower that will hit the earth, soon very soon?

Time will tell.



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