Man's New Penis Made Out Of His Arm

THE BRIT who had pioneering surgery to rebuild his wrecked manhood said last night that he finally “feels like man”. Married 40-year-old vir...

Man's New Penis Made Out Of His Arm

THE BRIT who had pioneering surgery to rebuild his wrecked manhood said last night that he finally “feels like man”.

Married 40-year-old virgin Mohammed Abad had his penis ripped off in a horror car crash when he was six.

Now he is looking forward to having sex for the very first time, thanks to his rebuilt 6in appendage — made of fat taken from his left arm.

Security guard Mo may even be able to fulfil his dream of becoming a dad.

At the same time as he loses his virginity, he will also be consummating his two-year marriage.

Incredibly, his patient young wife only discovered Mo was lacking downstairs when he broke down and confessed three days AFTER their arranged union.

Mo says: “I always felt there was something missing in my life.

“I wanted to be normal like everybody else. Everybody has sex, why not me?

“Now I can lead a normal life. My wife is delighted with how it has turned out.

“I stand naked looking in the mirror now. It’s a good size, too.

“I couldn’t be happier with it. I finally feel more like a man.”

Mo and his wife may have to wait a while longer before they start planning a family, though.

He is due to have the last of three operations in September. It will connect the nerve endings and urethra in his new willy. Then he should at long last get an erection.

Mo says his wife, who he asked us not to name, has always been “100 per cent” behind him.

She was with him on the trip to University College London late last year where he had his remarkable 12-hour operation to build a new penis, formed “like a Swiss roll”.

Talking of his shock revelation after they had tied the knot, Mo admits: “She was a bit hurt and asked why I hadn’t told her.

“But I have never told anyone before. She was the first person I ever trusted.

“I only felt strong enough to tell her because I knew I could have the operation, I knew I’d be normal soon.

“We haven’t consummated the marriage yet and I really can’t wait.

Man's New Penis Made Out Of His Arm

“I want to take her away somewhere nice. I’d like our first time to be special.

“I’ve always dreamed of having two children, now this could become true.”

Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Mo was savagely injured after being pushed on to the road during a snowball fight with his school pals.

He fell under a moving car and was dragged under its wheels for 600ft.

His penis and left testicle were shredded and his right testicle was forced up inside his body. Young Mo also suffered massive blood loss and doctors gave him 12 hours to live.

Defying the odds he pulled through and, within months, could walk again.

Days after the accident surgeons used skin from his leg to make a three-inch penis so he could go to the loo. In Mo’s own words it was just “a tube to pee out of”.

It was ground-breaking surgery at the time, but the penis never grew and was numb to the touch.

He has never been able to go to the toilet standing up — and still can’t until he has his final operation.

He spent much of his early childhood in and out of hospital and had more than 100 operations on his wrecked member.

Two years after his accident his family relocated to Edinburgh, where Mo still lives.

Although he never confided in anyone, Mo was whispered about as “the guy with no dick”.

In his teens he became a loner, shunned girls and found it difficult to make lasting friends.

But by his early thirties Mo knew things had to change.

Desperate for help, he asked experts if there was anything they could do.

Man's New Penis Made Out Of His Arm

His prayers were answered when, five years ago, a letter arrived out of the blue offering him the chance to become the first man in Britain to have this specific type of penis reconstruction surgery.

There then followed a long, agonising wait while NHS funding was secured to pay for his treatment 400 miles away in London.

One operation, booked last spring, was cancelled at the last minute after tests revealed his sugar levels were too high.

Then, last November, Mo had the pioneering surgery.

Two 6in skin grafts were cut from his left arm.

Consultant uroandrologists Mr Nim Christopher and Mr David Ralph rolled the skin into a tube which they then attached in place.

Skin from his old member was moulded to form a scrotum for his one surviving testicle, which is still producing semen.

Experts believe that, in time, Mo will father children.

In April he has his new member properly shaped. He will finally be able to have full sex after his last op in September.

Both these ops, like the first, will be featured on the Channel 4 medical show Embarrassing Bodies.

Mo says: “People thought I was a weirdo. Growing up I heard people whisper as I walked by, ‘that’s the guy with no dick’.

“I dealt with it by just keeping myself to myself. It was difficult. People didn’t want to be my friend and I kept away from girls.

“People thought there was something wrong with me. But I never felt weird.

“I always dreamt of getting married and having a normal sex life — and now I finally can.”

Man's New Penis Made Out Of His Arm



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