Nostradamus And The Murder of Pope John Paul I

The question has been often been asked; ‘Who authorized the murder of Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani, d. 1978), and what was the motive?’ ...

Nostradamus And The Murder of Pope John Paul I

The question has been often been asked; ‘Who authorized the murder of Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani, d. 1978), and what was the motive?’ There were many contenders, and enough new information has arisen to write an entire book, but two suspects stand out as the greatest beneficiaries in the case of the decease of John Paul I. They are both named in Bushby’s upcoming book, ‘Pope John Paul II’s Dark Secrets’, and that information adds a vital new clue to support the view that there was a Vatican conspiracy in place to murder John Paul I and bring about another conclave. As the world now knows, he died under suspicious circumstances, and the Vatican’s dishonesty associated with the reported events associated with the discovery of the deceased pontiff has been well documented.

Some people conjectured that the Third Secret of Fatima was withheld because it foretold the murder of Pope John Paul I, but that was not so. However, one thing is for sure; the prophecies of Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus, d. 1566), a charismatic 16th Century Provencal physician turned seer, certainly raise the prospect of foul play in the death of a pope. Nostradamus authored a book of prophecies in Quatrains of four-lined rhymed verses called ‘Centuries’, and his vision of intrigues in the papacy are many and varied. His prophecies successfully prophesied the Great Fire of London in 1666, the French Revolution, Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, Hitler’s rise to power and its consequences, the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and others. The accuracy of his prophecies amazed the world, and lately purveyors of his ‘word pictures’ have credited him with successfully predicting the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City.

Nostradamus And The Murder of Pope John Paul I

In Nostradamus’s prophecies about popes, he frequently comments on the fore-coming destruction of moral and spiritual values, both inside and outside the Christian Church. Some of Nostradamus’s Quatrains mention strange happenings in the hierarchy of the Vatican, and this one makes reference to a particular body of people who plot to kill a pope:

He who will have government of the great cape;
Will be led to execution by some of them in cases of cover;
The twelve red ones will come to obscure the cover-up of murder;
Murder will be perpetrated.

(Century IV, Quatrain XI)

Nostradamus referred to popes as the ‘great cape’, and this Quatrain is taken to mean that ‘some’ of around 100 or so Vatican cardinals at a particular time conspired to kill a pope. A later Quatrain graphically determines that it was a reference to the murder of Pope John Paul I:

The one elected Pope will be scorned by his electors.
This enterprising and prudent person will suddenly be reduced to silence.
They cause him to die because of his too great goodness and compassion.
Stricken by fear, they will take him to his death in the night.

(Century 10, Quatrain 12)

It seems that Pope John Paul I’s upcoming political and social changes evoked fear among ‘twelve red ones’ of the College of Cardinals, as it does with all power structures that foresee dramatic changes to their organization. Because of the unusual nature of Nostradamus’s archaic handwriting, his Quatrains have received many and variant translations, and this particular conversion of the above Quatrain (Century 10, No. 12), while similar, adds another clue to the mysteries surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I:

Elected as Pope he will be scorned by the chosen [Cardinals of the Curia who chose him];
Suddenly and unexpectedly removed, prompt and coy;
Caused to die, through too much goodness and compassion;
He will fear for the guard killed on the night of his death.

This Quatrain suggests that one of the Vatican’s Swiss guards intervened to prevent somebody entering the Pope’s apartments that night, and was murdered as a result, but there is no evidence of such a murder, nor should we expect to find it.

Nostradamus And The Murder of Pope John Paul I

French Ambassador, Roger Peyrefitte, author of a 1983 novel, The Red Cassock, asserts that Pope John Paul I was administered a lethal injection by three intruders who entered his bedroom around midnight. Peyrefitte claimed to be an expert on internal Vatican matters, and he notes in the opening pages of his book that he reveals the truth of the events of that night under the features of the fable. He provides three thinly disguised names as the murderers, one being the Mafioso Brucciato (Danilo Abbruciati (?), a professional Mafia murderer) who was accompanied by Monsignor Hulot (Cardinal Villot) and Monsignor Larvenkus (Bishop Marcinkus).

Shortly after Pope John Paul I’s funeral, a rumour swept Vatican City that his body had been surreptitiously removed from the coffin and cremated. If so, this would indicate a premeditated action to destroy all evidence of poisoning in case anybody demanded that the Pope’s body be exhumed for scientific tests.



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