I met Pope Benedict XVI in a GAY SAUNA, says Gabriele Paolini

"I met Pope Benedict XVI in a GAY SAUNA based in Turin when I was a minor", says Gabriele Paolini Gabriele Paolini, the famous pol...

"I met Pope Benedict XVI in a GAY SAUNA based in Turin when I was a minor", says Gabriele Paolini

Gabriele Paolini, the famous polemicist who calls himself the "Prophet of the condom" has reignited the flame of controversy with some incendiary confessions when judged by child prostitution: "I was 14 when I met Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) in a sauna for homosexuals in Turin".

The Italian press has echoed Paolini's statement in their headline news.

A well-known law firm of Rome has already asked for these statements to be placed in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office, if they constitute defamation against the Pope Emeritus.

Currently held as a prisoner at Regina Coeli prison and, in the presence of his mother, Paolini has made some enigmatic statements to the Court who has imprisoned him: "My struggle began twenty years ago. For the first time I'm in prison, but not by recent events that are accusing me, but rather for my stolen childhood and because I tell the truth."

You will be referring to Ratzinger? And is that homophobia of the outgoing Pope has given much play as when collected signatures asking him to condemn discrimination against the LGTB collective or when we asked if the Vatican 'hiding' a network of gay prostitution, as reported by RAGAP.

Paolini, 39 years old, was arrested Sunday night - November 10 - by police in Rome, accusing him of alleged induction and exploitation of prostitution by sexual intercourse with two minors - aged 14 and 16 years. He is also accused of possession of child pornography and pedophilia. Although the research has no relationship with the operation "Nymph", which has brought to light a series of child prostitution in the District of Parioli, Rome. Until 2006, Gabriele Paolini was an actor in porn films - both for regular porn movies but also for gay porn. In Italy, he became famous with his appearance in the film "Private Confessions X" with the exuberant Sara Tommasi.

Paolini is the 'Mocito happy's coupons' in Italian version because for years it devotes much of its efforts on photo taken with all the celebrities included the Roman curia, politicians and actors, but in order to fight the spread of HIV. But it is that she also loves to break into television programs and has had to testify before the Court to answer two attacks (one in June 2009 and another) in January 2010 in the Italian RTV, RAI accused of disruption of public service and serious personal injury to cause that the journalist and presenter Sonia Sarno should fall from. Paolini said that these actions served "to demand the resignation of the Pope Benedicto XVI, which met in situations in which citizens are not consistent".

Known as the "prophylactic prophet" because it tends to display condoms as background of the interviews that made him, also leverages direct interventions of television reporters and loves to appear at social and sports events to display condoms.

Gabriele Paolini began his career as a "television polluter" when a friend of his died of AIDS at age 22 after contracting the disease as a result of unprotected sex with a prostitute. Paolini's reaction was to become the 'shadow' of many public appearances with his message of 'Get it, Get it'. Sometimes Paolini uses a photo of a politician or that of the Pope to get his point across.

Paolini is the son of a retired general and is in the book ' Guinness World Records' with more than 35,000 short television appearances carrying his message. Over the years, Paolini has angered many in the media. On March 5, 1995, Paolini gave Juan Pablo II a condom in a church of Rome and the request that the Catholic Church would allow the use of prophylactics. On May 17, 1997 Paolini gave Mother Teresa of Calcutta a condom.

In 2008, Paolini was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 5 months for offences against the Pope, for his actions interrupted a live television program aired on Rai, insulting to the Pope and the Italian Premier.

During three direct links with TG1 - June 10, 2009, July 28, 2009, and October 6, 2009 - Paolini attacked former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and accused him of "special" sexual habits.

RAGAP has the incendiary statements made by Paolini regarding Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. If you want to listen to them, where the own debater relates how he met Monsignor Ratzinger, visit:

The judge has postponed the trial of Gabriele Paolini until February 2014 to have time to assess the documentation provided by the defense. On Wednesday the Court will have to revise the appeal against the provisional Ordinance of prison against Paolini.



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