The Mysterious Flying Humanoids

Flying Humanoids The incredible variety of different types of UFOs reported - from disc shape, spheres and orbs, splitting UFOs, triangular ...

Flying Humanoids

The incredible variety of different types of UFOs reported - from disc shape, spheres and orbs, splitting UFOs, triangular and tubular, plasma and the spectacular cluster sightings - certainly provide any serious researcher an important graphic dossier to make studies and analyses of this phenomenon.

One of the most curious types of sightings - and quite rare - are those of human-like beings that fly. "Human-like" because in most respects they look like us, except that they have wings. In most cases, these odd creatures are not assumed to be either angels or devils (as traditional depictions have them as human-like beings with wings), but as something else. Something quite unusual.

In March 2000, a sudden change in the current UFO sightings reported in Mexico took place when Salvador Guerrero, one of the most respected skywatchers with many hours of UFO videos had a rare sighting. While doing his regular skywatch on the roof of his home in Colonia Agricola Oriental, Guerrero encountered something so bizarre, it has opened an entirely new chapter in the history of Mexican UFO research.

This was not just another common UFO witnessed by Salvador over the city for the past several years, this was something utterly different and intriguing. At first, Salvador thought the object could be a dark UFO high in the sky, so he started videotaping as usual. When he pressed the camera's zoom, he couldn't believe what he saw through the viewfinder.

The dark humanoid figure was floating at a high altitude but Salvador's years of experience in skywatching allowed him to track this dark object in the sky and he was able to make an excellent recording of the incredibly myterious experience. The dark humanoid creature remained stationary in the same spot for several minutes, spinning slowly with arms and legs 'outstretched' all the time. The object then began to move, disappearing behind a building.

Salvador Guerrero's March, 2000 flying humanoid sighting signaled the beginning of a series of similar sightings in Mexico, and more reports and videos of these strange flying creatures followed creating a state of intense interest among Mexican ufologists.

More Humanoid Sightings

During the investigation on Salvador Guerrero's March 2000 flying humanoid case, a similar incident surfaced in Cuernavaca, Morelos where Amado Marquez, another respected skywatcher and friend to Salvador, told him that he also videotaped an odd thing in the sky on February, 2000 but due to the bizarre nature of the sighting he decided not to make the video public.

According to Amado Marques' description that day, he was doing his routine skywatch on the roof of his home when he noticed a dark object was approaching and began videotaping it. Looking through his viewfinder, he received a big surprise. Marquez described what he caught on video as a "little man" flying horizontally in a standing position with the legs opened all the time. Marquez added he never saw parachute, wings or anything alike - just the dark flying man with legs opened.

On July 2000, Gerardo Valenzuela from Cuernavaca, Morelos, respected skywatcher and mutual friend of Salvador Guerrero and Amado Marquez, had a unusual sighting of a dark tall body with humanoid characteristics descending slowly over the valley. Gerardo took a great video and the mysterious humanoid creature is seen descending until it dissapears behind a hill.

In October 1, 2000, La Prensa newspaper from Mexico City published a report from a commercial airline pilot telling of sighting of a "little flying man" witnessed by him and the copilot during their descent to Mexico City's airport.

According to the article: "A comercial airline pilot from AeroCalifornia who wanted to omit his name to avoid problems in his work reported the sighting of a "little flying man" who was flying at the same altitude of the plane before landing. According to the pilot this "flying man" had a kind of backpack in his back and was flying freely. The pilot added he saw perfectly well arms and legs.

On February 14, 2004, Ana Luisa Cid and two more witnesses videotaped one of the most disconcerting and controversial sightings that we have seen in years of research. This incident took place in Mexico City.

The dark object looked like a big black body below and a kind of vibrating structure above, joined together and almost stationary...balancing itself in the same spot. At that moment, Ana Luisa wondered if this was an helicopter coming toward her or an unknown aircraft. A big surprise was coming...

In a few minutes, a smaller, dark object appeared in the scenario from below and was absorbed by the big one. Then the whole object split apart. The lower body looked like a big dark creature with a kind of cloak waving to the air. The upper body looked like a winged creature that seemed to be vibrating and balancing like a pendulum.

A minute later, the smaller dark body was released again from the 'cloaked' creature and went flying to the right dissapearing behind a mountain. The two remaining bodies joined together again after some time, and then disappeared into the horizon.

This bizarre incident is known as 'The Entity Reunion in the Sky' and remains a complete mystery.X The flying humanoid sightings from Mexico continue to be reported. One of the most recent reports - with video - is the June 17, 2005 sighting by Horacio Roquet who along with his sister witnessed a dark tall humanoid creature floating above a building and looking at him in a threatening manner. The incident took place in Unidad Habitacional Lomas de Platero.

According to Horacio Roquet's testimonial, this flying humanoid had a device attached to his waist emitting light with a red glow.



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