Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

HEADLINES : World Leaders and Conspiracy Theorists suggest the possibility that Malaysian Flight 370 could be used to carry Nuclear Weapons ...

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

HEADLINES : World Leaders and Conspiracy Theorists suggest the possibility that Malaysian Flight 370 could be used to carry Nuclear Weapons in an attack.

Question of the Day......
How many Passengers were on Flight 370?
Answer: Passengers 239 - (P-239)

Second Question of the day.......
How do you make a Nuclear Bomb?
Answer: Plutonium 239 - (P-239)

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

If Flight 370, the Malaysian Boeing 777, shows up at this location I'm quitting my day job.

The number 777 is being shown and written over and over reguarding Flight 370. It was after all a Boeing 777.
I decided to measure 777 Nautical Miles From Kuala Lumpur to see if there were any good numbers or clues.
I followed the projected Flight Heading provided by the professional investigators.....

777 Nautical Miles from Kuala Lumpur in the last known heading of Flight 370 is the location....

9 degrees 11 minutes North (911)N
90 Degrees 11 minutes East (911)E

777 Nautical Miles from Kuala Lumpur is 911North 911East

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

"an inspection or viewing of something before it is bought or becomes generally known and available"

February 2, 2014- Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony
We we're shown an image of the World with a
“Wicked Vortex” over Iran and Afghanistan.

March 7, 2014- Missing Airline Flight 370:
New Intelligence Reports say the Transponders of the Plane we're turned off at 1:21AM
The news released maps showing the possible heading of Flight 370
It is now known that Flight 370 was under manual control, and headed directly toward the Wicked Vortex we saw in Sochi.

Did Flight 370 reach it's destination?
Did it crash in the Ocean because the passengers mutinied?

At the Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony the Russians show us a map of the World that displays a giant Vortex of Energy over Iran and Afghanastan--
--What are the odds that a few weeks later a high jacked Boeing 777 is "LOST" over the Indian Ocean as it is Flying directly toward the area of the same Wicked Vortex.....

Maps and Charts on the News concerning Flight 370 are identical to the Globe we saw in Soci Opening Ceremony---Both point to Iran and Afghanastan.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

 In Math “Pi” is 3.14 Funny, today’s date is 3-14 and is called "Pi Day"

Oddly, The Headline for today... March 14 (3/14) is...
“Flight 370 Hijacked by PIRATES aka “Pi”-Rates”

Speaking of Pi....

The movie "The Life of Pi" is about a young man who is stranded in the Ocean on a Life Boat for "227" Days......This took place very near to where Flight 370 is missing with......."227" Passengers.

Pirates = 88 in Gemetria

The Petronas "Twin Towers" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... where flight 370 departed from are both 88 Floors tall.

The 9/11 Memorial shines lights into the air at ground zero on September 11 each year.... two sets of 88 lights reform the Towers in light.

At Sochi--The 5th Olympic Ring DID NOT open-- the 4 open rings that did open formed an 88.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

"121" is one of the Magic Numbers being shown to us concerning Malaysian Flight 370.

Malaysian Flight 370 LOST all Contact at "1:21"
"1:21" was Technically the last time Flt 370 communicated with Air Traffic Control.

Oddly "121" is the frequency used in a Plane for Emergencies.
"121" is "911" for Planes.

The TV show LOST was about a Plane that disappeared into an alternate reality--- the show lasted for "121" Episodes and had it's opening night on September 22. Or 9/22. Or 9/11/11.

It should be noted that "11 SQUARED" = 121
aka 11x11 =121
11:11 in New Age Circles is a Magical Time when wishes are granted and Cosmic Doorways Open.

The Plane was headed to China.
A Chinese Checker Board has 121 Holes.
When all the marbles are on the board there are 61 empty holes that create a CUBE in the center of the board.
Bizarrely.... China = 61 in Gemetria.

There was an Iranian on board Malaysian Flight 370 with a stolen passport his name,
Seyed Delavar = 121 in Gemetria.
He was seen in the Airport...with a "skull" on his shirt.
(This man may be innocent or guilty, I am only looking at numbers and symbols)

Another Famous Plane that "Disappeared" on 9/11 was Flight 93.
It supposedly went down in Pennsylvania at a location called the Diamond T. Mine which is 121 in Gemetria and 322 in Gemetria.

And as a side note-- the South Pacific and 121 are further connected through the "game" Cribbage---
Cribbage has 121 holes in it's board...
Cribbage holds a special place among American submariners, serving as an "official" pastime. The wardroom of the oldest active submarine in the United States Pacific Fleet carries the personal cribbage board of World War II submarine commander and Medal of Honor recipient Rear Admiral Dick O'Kane on board, and upon the boat's decommissioning the board is transferred to the next oldest boat.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories



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