Lunar Mysteries: Alien Bases on Moon [VIDEO]

Once discovered by Richard Hoagland on a photo of the Lunar orbiter III, The Shard has been a mystery. There was just this one picture with ...

Lunar Mysteries: Alien Bases on Moon

Once discovered by Richard Hoagland on a photo of the Lunar orbiter III, The Shard has been a mystery. There was just this one picture with a very hazy anomaly and there have been a lot of speculations what it may be. Some say it is an alien artefact, others say that it is a glass statue, building, antenna or alien outpost. All because there were no other images that could confirm the existence of The Shard.

Some Astounding Lunar Anomaly Images

Below you will find some of the lunar anomalies. These are collected from NASA, Clementine, Hoagland and some other famous sourced. Some of these photos were taken from the Apollo missions from space, others taken from Satellite.

I want you to put things into perspective and think about these images after viewing them.
  1. They are real
  2. NASA feared releasing them because most people would be shocked to find that life did exist on the moon
  3. Keep an open-mind these anomalies do not necessary mean they are alien in nature the Nazis were said to have bases on the moon
Consider this other most of the anomalies are glass since they give off reflections.

Most of the anomalies are HUGE. The bridge is said to be 12 miles, the shard tower is said to be 1.5 miles high and there is said to be cities near mountain ranges the size of LA. These are not camera tricks we are viewing here. There is said to be over 400 unexplained anomalies found on the moon that's enough to show me something is or once existed there. 

A photograph of astronaut Alan Bean shows the photographer, Pete Conrad, reflected in Bean's helmet visor. Also reflected in the visor is a "geometric object" hanging several feet above the lunar surface. Also visible is the shadow created by this object.

The object seems to be suspended in a "grid" of surrounding glass-like structure!

The Castle
This strange object, photographed during an Apollo mission, has been named "the castle" by Hoagland.

It seems to have a definite structure, like the remnant wall of some ancient building. The bottom looks as if it has rows of support columns, above which is a high spire. Whatever it is, it's much brighter than the surrounding landscape.

Lunar Mysteries: Alien Bases on Moon

  • Is it just a trick of light and shadow?
  • A photographic anomaly?
  • Or is it all that remains of some rich Martian's get-away retreat?

This photo was taken by Apollo-16 just before the April 20, 1972 landing on the Moon. Down left you see the metallic foot of the Lunar Lander. This was taken by Neil Armstrong some say its a shadow but it does show something very solid and long.

The next is possibly the Castle Again but this time in the reflection of the helmet.

The object is casting a shadow and is above the ground so either its off in the distance or its something hovering. The castle is said to be a 7 mile large structure. Click below image, a thesis of the artifact and better photo.

Below images show the UFO's one was caught when Apollo was approaching the moon the other was a strange glowing ball of light when Armstrong was walking on the moon.

Moonlights are not uncommon but clearly one of these UFO's does show a disc or saucer like object near the moon to the left.

The thumbnails below are the shard one of the most compelling of all photos I think. It shows a tower like object rising high above the surface. The shard was taken at many angles and still the same results.

The shard is said to be made of glass and about 1.5 miles high. Its also said to contain a symmetrical cubical structure. What's it for we may never know it could be a building, a communications tower but this thing is huge based on how far away the photo was taken from.

Below is a supposed moon base its unknown do not know where this came from but it seems authentic.

Lunar Mysteries: Alien Bases on Moon

Below is the bridge said to be 12 miles in length but as you can see now this is clear this spans over a bridge. This is not a natural phenomena this bridge was purposely made.

Lunar Mysteries: Alien Bases on Moon

Lunar Mysteries: Alien Bases on Moon



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