Aliens, Mars and the Moon – A secret agenda

Earths Moon and neighbor planet Mars have been the topic of discussion for many years when it comes to the question: “do aliens exist?” Many...

Aliens, Mars and the Moon – A secret agenda

Earths Moon and neighbor planet Mars have been the topic of discussion for many years when it comes to the question: “do aliens exist?”

Many claim that the moon and red planet are filled with extraterrestrial bases and despite decades of censorship; a wealth of radio, photographic & video evidence exists in data available to the media, to verify such encounters repeatedly over the years.

There have been reports of alien bases on Earth, even bases where Aliens and humans work together, so why wouldn’t there also be alien made structures elsewhere in the solar system, on our Moon perhaps or on Mars?

United States Air Force Space Command

Something straight out of a science fiction movie? Well not according to several marines who supposedly are part of a special unit called “Air Force Space command”.

A special division of the US Air Force, with its headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. AFSPC supports U.S. military operations worldwide through the use of many different types of satellite, launch and cyber operations. Operationally, AFSPC is under the Combatant Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command.

FSPC’s primary mission areas:
  • Space forces support involves launching satellites and other high-value payloads into space using a variety of expendable launch vehicles and operating those satellites once in the medium of space.
  • Space control ensures friendly use of space through the conduct of counterspace operations encompassing surveillance, negation, protection and space intelligence analysis.
  • Force enhancement provides weather, communications, intelligence, missile warning, and navigation. Force enhancement is support to the warfighter.

But is there something more to this special division of the USAF? Is it possible that we only know a part of the mission areas of the AFSPC?

Lets get back to the moon and to the question why we have never been back on the moon? What has kept the US and Russia from going to the moon? There has to be a reason we gave up the plan to eventually build bases on the moon; was it because someone else was already there? What is the possibility that the Moon houses extraterrestrial facilities?

NASA has been investing millions of dollars in hardware and cameras that were placed into lunar orbit, but why are there no images from the far side of the moon, the side which never faces earth?


Helium-3 (He-3) is a light, non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron. It is rare on Earth, and it is sought for use in nuclear fusion research.

The abundance of helium-3 is thought to be greater on the Moon (embedded in the upper layer of regolith by the solar wind over billions of years). Interest in Helium-3 is rising each year as it is a clean and efficient nuclear reactor fuel and if we, humans are interested, why wouldn’t extraterrestrial beings be? It makes sense.

Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize. The scale has three designated categories called Type I, II, and III. A Type I civilization uses all available resources impinging on its home planet, Type II harnesses all the energy of its star, and Type III of its galaxy.

In 1964, Kardashev defined three levels of civilizations, based on the order of magnitude of power available to them:

Type I

“Technological level close to the level presently attained on earth, with energy consumption at ≈4×1019 erg/sec (4 × 1012 watts.) Guillermo A. Lemarchand stated this as “A level near contemporary terrestrial civilization with an energy capability equivalent to the solar insolation on Earth, between 1016 and 1017 watts.”

Type II

“A civilization capable of harnessing the energy radiated by its own star (for example, the stage of successful construction of a Dyson sphere), with energy consumption at ≈4×1033 erg/sec. Lemarchand stated this as “A civilization capable of utilizing and channeling the entire radiation output of its star. The energy utilization would then be comparable to the luminosity of our Sun, about 4×1033erg/sec (4×1026 watts).”

Type III
“A civilization in possession of energy on the scale of its own galaxy, with energy consumption at ≈4×1044 erg/sec.“ Lemarchand stated this as “A civilization with access to the power comparable to the luminosity of the entire Milky Way galaxy, about 4×1044erg/sec (4×1037 watts).”

The scale is only hypothetical, but it puts energy consumption in a cosmic perspective. It was first proposed in 1964 by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. Various extensions of the scale have been proposed since, from a wider range of power levels (types 0, IV and V) to the use of metrics other than pure power.

Carl Sagan suggested defining intermediate values (not considered in Kardashev’s original scale) by interpolating and extrapolating the values given above for types I (1016 W), II (1026 W) and III (1036 W), which would produce the formula:

Where value K is a civilization’s Kardashev rating and P is the power it uses, in watts. Using this extrapolation, a “Type 0″ civilization, not defined by Kardashev, would control about 1 MW of power, and humanity’s civilization type as of 1973 was about 0.7 (apparently using 10 terawatt (TW) as the value for 1970s humanity).

In 2008, total world energy consumption was 474 exajoules (474×1018 J=132,000 TWh), equivalent to an average power consumption of 15 TW (or 0.717 on Sagan’s Kardashev scale).

Extraterrestrial encounters on the Moon

Although UFO encounters were documented during most, if not all manned space flights, Apollo 11 afforded a wealth of evidence in voice transmissions, and photography. Some sources even claim the astronauts made contact with an alien race on the moon. Not long after their landing, Armstrong and Aldrin noticed a UFO nearby, after advising Houston Armstrong is said to have switched the radio from the public channel to the medical channel, then advised control:

“They’re here…parked up on the rim of the crater, watching us.” ~ Neil Armstrong 

Extraordinary things have been going on on the Moon and secrecy is extremely high. NASA and the government contend that such secrets must be kept from the public; because if humanity learned of ET races in our solar system, according to scientists, the world as we know “would end”.

The Apollo 14 mission reported several unidentified crafts on moon’s polar region with structures- circular buildings and towers, then Apollo 15 captured an image clearly depicting a cigar shaped craft on the moon’s surface near the Delporte crater. Apollo 16 apparently took detailed pictures of vehicle tracks, a “bridge” and a radar dish in the Mare Crisium crater.

Russia didn’t stay away from the moon, as they launched their Zond-3 probe to explore the far side of the moon in 1965, they photographed a dome type structure, and what appeared to be a tower over 20 miles high.

Are all of these pictures a hoax? Or can we say that there is something strange about them and that there is something “alien” up there? Why have we not been on the moon? We do not lack the technology to do so, we are already planing on going to Mars and talking about capturing Asteroids, but why skip the Moon, which is filled with highly valuable natural resources?

Mars and… aliens?

Of all Mars missions attempted by various countries over the years, 23 have disappeared or failed upon reaching the orbit of Mars, a bit strange isn’t it?

The Martian moon Phobos – like Earth’s moon would make an excellent base from which we can launch future missions deeper into our solar system. The two leading countries, Russia and the US have sent exploratory probes to recon the surface, and every one of those mission also failed. The 1989 Russian Mars probe Phobos-2 seemed to come under direct attack by a UFO.

These are two of the last photos taken before the probe vanished:

Not all probes exploring the Red Planet have ended in failure. Several missions have provided us with a huge amount of images which until today have no logical explanation. These are just some of those images:



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