Eerie Video Found on Camera in Paris Catacombs, Gates of Hell Exploration?

Parisian catacombs are known as a place wherein you can see tons of human bones. The Parisian catacombs also connects to network of various ...

Parisian catacombs are known as a place wherein you can see tons of human bones. The Parisian catacombs also connects to network of various tunnels that is up for exploration. The famous Gates of Hell is said to be found on the morbid maze as well which makes the exploration of this tunnels/catacombs extra creepy. There is also a section which has the inscription“Arrête, c’est ici l’empire de la mort!” (Stop! This is the empire of death!)

Most of the catacombs remains closed to the public but there is some truth to the saying, "if there's a will, there's a way" as “cataphiles” gets their way in to explore the creepy catacombs. And looks like they got what they're asking for or more as a video camera that was discovered in part of the catacombs shows an eerie footage. It can be believed that the video documents the terrifying final moments of its owner. Up to now, the identity of its owner remains a grueling mystery as well as what happened to him in his "catacomb expedition."

The video was explained by the epoch times:
"The camera’s footage shows the videographer’s exploration—he stops to film bones arranged into arrows that point down the narrow passageways. He films rooms full of human bones piled high, and of unknown depth. He films some signs painted on the walls. One is a haunting human figure painted in white with arms and legs spread. White painted figure filmed by a videographer whose camera was dropped in the catacombs beneath Paris." - epochtimes

“After about 40 minutes of the point-of-view shots … the person begins to walk faster and faster. Then he begins to run. We hear his breathing get louder and louder,” - Francis Freedland to Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters”

Watch the video here:


The man in the video is truly shocked with what he have filmed and its evident in the video as he tries ti flee the place but unfortunately he have lost track of directions. The man's fate remains a mystery as the video depicts him running faster deeper into the eerie catacombs until he drops the camera, his feet are seen and can be heard running further into the tunnel. The camera keeps rolling until it runs out of battery.

Fellow cataphiles searched the catacombs for any trace of the lost videographer of the eerie footage but it is hard to determine as he may have died as well in the catacombs.

The video not only depicts how bizarre the catacombs looks like but it also poses a new mystery as the lost videographer is now haunting people with thoughts of what happened to him, what did he found, did he discovered the portal to the Gates of Hell?


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