Legend of Mermaids' Origins Explained Through Different Theories

Anyone who have enjoyed their childhood could attest that their idea of Mermaids ' existence would be so magical, mystical and fantastic...

Anyone who have enjoyed their childhood could attest that their idea of Mermaids' existence would be so magical, mystical and fantastic. In a world full of mysteries, Every one who wants to solve a particular mystery will do everything to unfold it. There are tons of theories about the real origins of mermaids and in this article, we will get to know which theories about Mermaids are more widely known.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Mermaids came from an origin that can be traced back to a cave painting for about 30,000 years old during the late Paleolithic Era, But despite mermaids’ mythological heritage, scientists have yet to show a proof of evidence to the mermaids' existence in the sea.

According to an ancient Greek poet Homer, He depicted mermaids as the most beautiful women of the sea, and they are more famously known as sirens. They have the lower body of a fish that is known for luring ancient sailors to their own deaths with their songs that showcases their wonderful voices.

According to ancient Eastern cultures, mermaids were the wives of sea dragons, which also serves as messengers between their husbands and the Emperors in the human world.

Aborigines from Australia also have a theory that proves their beliefs in the existence of mermaids. they call them yawkyawks. The unusual name refers to the mesmerizing songs that Mermaids sing.

A radical theory claims that human history may be more scientifically related to mermaids than initially thought. The theory is called the ‘aquatic ape theory,’ which gained popularity during the 1970s and ‘80s but it lost its credibility due to heavy criticism. The theory tells that humans in fact did not truly evolve from land-dwelling apes but instead, Humans came from prehistoric marine mammals.

In any case, mermaids continue to arouse people's minds to create their own conspiracy theories to expose the truth about their existence, And as long as there's no solid proof to the mermaids' orgins, The world will still be mesmerized to the thoughts of Mermaids having been able to be more than just a fairy tale.




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