The Humanoid Flying Creatures From Mexico

As time passes by, The level of technology also evolves and its truly beneficial to everyone. It can be used as a source for communication, ...

As time passes by, The level of technology also evolves and its truly beneficial to everyone. It can be used as a source for communication, It can be used for learning, etc, One oft he advantages of our evolving technology is that it provides a lot of new approach and methods to any research. One favorite topic would be UFOs, Technology helps any researcher to gather evidences to the existence of UFOs and its shapes from disc-like shape to spheres to orbs to tubular to triangular and other shapes, You name it. They have it.

One of the most mind-boggling and interesting types of sightings are those of human-like beings that has the ability to fly. The term "Human-like" was coined due to the reason that they mostly look like us, a normal human being. The only thing that sets them apart from us is that they have "WINGS."

In March 2000, a UFO sightings reported in Mexico happened when Salvador Guerrero had a rare sighting. Guerrero encountered something so strange that it has paved the way for an entirely new chapter in the history of Mexican UFO research. Guerrero found something bizarre that's not common that time when you compare it to the roster of UFO sightings before. Salvador thought the object could be a dark UFO high in the sky, so he started videotaping the sighting. But when he zoomed it, he couldn't believe what he saw through the viewfinder.

A dark humanoid figure was seen to be floating at a high altitude. The dark humanoid creature remained stationary in the same spot for more minutes, it is said to be spinning slowly with arms and legs 'outstretched' all the time. The human-like figure then began to move, disappearing behind a building.

Another similar incident also showed up in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Amado Marquez also videotaped an odd thing in the sky but due to the bizarre nature of the sighting he decided not to make the video public. Marques described that it was only a dark object at first that was approaching as he began videotaping it. Marquez described what he caught on camera as a "little man" flying horizontally in a standing position with the legs opened all the time.

Gerardo Valenzuela also had an unusual encounter with a dark tall body with human-like characteristics that seems to be descending slowly over the valley.

Ana Luisa Cid and two more witnesses also reported that they have videotaped another dark object that looked like a big black body below and a kind of vibrating structure above, joined together and almost stationary. Ana videotaped what she thought was a helicopter at first but after a few more minutes, the dark figure appeared from below and got absorbed by the bigger figure, It split apart and the lower body looked like a big dark creature with a cloak-like waving to the air while the upper body looked like a winged creature. This bizarre and strange incident is popularly known as 'The Entity Reunion in the Sky' and remains a complete mystery up until now.

If the said figures that possesses human-like characteristics and flying abilities are considered to be true, Then there's a need for us to be more alert and open to seeing and discovering these kind of creatures. We might not know yet its origins and all we have to do for now is to be more vigilant while dedicated researchers are doing their best to unfold the mysteries behind the Humanoid Flying Creatures.



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