The Mysterious Sightings Of The Eerie Black-Eyed Children

Are you familiar with the urban legend of  Black-Eyed Children ? Black-eyed children are   supposed paranormal entities that resembles the f...

Are you familiar with the urban legend of Black-Eyed Children? Black-eyed children are supposed paranormal entities that resembles the features of children ages between 6 to 16 years old. They are known for their pale white skin and black eyes that's absolutely creepy. What makes them more creepy is that they have a habit of hitchhiking or panhandling. They are also commonly known to terrorize anyone who gets to encounter them on doorsteps of residential homes. The sightings for the black-eyed children have been reported in late 1990s and recently they are said to be returning recently to illicit fear to Cannock Chase.

A paranormal investigator named Lee Brickley shared his account of the said sighting of Black-Eyed Child recently.
“On Saturday 13th September, my wife and I were walking though Cannock Chase near to Stile Cop with our dog. Once we had entered the woodland, and the road was no longer visible, we started to hear the giggling noise of a little girl.
“To our amazement, a child, no taller than one meter in height appeared as if out of nowhere further up the path in front of us. We stopped dead in our tracks after noticing her eyes had no colour. Her head was tilted to the side in much the same way it would appear if she had been hung.
“She stared at us for around five minutes before running away into a densely grouped area of trees. My wife wanted to follow her, but I was having none of it.”
A paranormal investigator is appealing for witnesses after a resurgence of sightings of an eerie entity known as the “black-eyed child”. - Lee Brickley to Huffington Post

It is interesting ot note that it was exactly 30 years ago since the Black-Eyed child was spotted on Cannock Chase. Brickley encourages other locals who have witnessed the sighting of Black-Eyed Child to furthey prove that the urban legend is indeed real.
“In my opinion, the black-eyed child seems to be some kind of demon. While it might seem like a standard spectral encounter, almost all the reports involve the child leading people towards potentially dangerous situations. I have received nine different reports in the last two years from seemingly credible witnesses. During interviews most of their stories have been very similar. I’m also appealing for more reports, so if anyone has more information, I ask they get in touch as soon as possible.” - Lee Brickley to Huffington Post

Cannock Chase is known for eerie and haunting tales of paranormal entities, Pig Man and werewolf-like creatures are also said to have appeared on Cannock Chase before.



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