Woman Extraordinarily Pulled Her Own Twins During Delivery

It is proven that one validating moment of a woman's worth is to be able to bear a child and delivered them to the world as healthy as t...

It is proven that one validating moment of a woman's worth is to be able to bear a child and delivered them to the world as healthy as they can be. That's why from pregnancy up to the labor, It is a protocol to would-be-parents to take extra care and put their trust to medical professionals when it comes to labor and delivery.But what if a mother wants to assist them during her labor?

A 41-year old Australian mother Gerri Wolfe was able to do that. She helped with her own Caesarean Section and she got the chance to pull out both her twin daughters. Surprisingly, she was able TO perform it just right.

Gerri is already a mother of nine, She came to a decision of wanting to perform a 'maternal assisted caesarean section' when it is the time to deliver her 10th and 11th children namely Matilda and Violet.

Her doctor was skeptical at first about the unconventional operation. Wolfe insisted to do it for the reason that it is her body, her birth and her babies that were involved. Wolfe is truly eager to be more involved with the delivery this time.

"[The doctor] was quite willing once he realised the risk of infection wasn't as high as he perhaps thought, I came to him and said: 'This is what I need to reclaim my birth – to make it more personal for me, so I can be a good mother'." - Gerri Wolfe
Just like the medical professionals involved on the operation, Wolfe also scrubbed in and wore two sets of elbow-length gloves to ensure that the procedure to be sterile.

"I wasn't allowed to touch anything, I wasn't allowed to move. I wasn't allowed to do anything until they had told me to. That way, I was completely sterile – I wasn't supposed to touch anything." - Gerri Wolfe
The procedure went well and when she was instructed by her OB-GYN to do her part. Wolfe carefully reached down and first pulled out Matilda, then Violet.

"I reached out with my right hand and someone helped me turn her around the right way and put her on my chest as well. And then I had both of them!" - Gerri Wolfe
Indeed, the process oft he procedure performed to Wolfe and her twin daughters is not that easy but thankfully everything fell to its proper places. Gerri Wolfe fulfilled her wish to be more involved on her children's birth to the world.


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