Young Girl Threatens To Eat Her Mother's Brain After Satanism Initiation

Every parent's worst dream is to see their children taking the wrong path that leads them to make decisions and eventually will scar the...

Every parent's worst dream is to see their children taking the wrong path that leads them to make decisions and eventually will scar their lives forever. That's why it is a must for every parent or guardian to guide and mold their children's minds and behaviors that's appropriate to the norms of our society. But what would you do if your own child starts behaving inappropriately that posts a threat to your family's lives?

A neighborhood in Zimbabwe got alarmed when one of the teens their started to threaten to eat her mother's brain and suck blood from her sibling's genitals. What even shocked them is that the teen talks about how Satan and 666 is related with our spiritual realm. The unnamed teen is only 17 years old and her unusual behavior was said to have started ever since she went out with her friends who were based in South Africa. It was reported that the teen along with her friends went to a New Year's Eve party. The party was said to be a ritual for her initiation in joining a Satanic Cult.

After the party that was suspected to be her initiation to satanism, The teen returned to her house with a brand new unusual behavior. Her family noticed it but they tried not to confront her at first but it all ended when she got expelled from her school due to vulgar death threats she have made to her classmates. Aside from it, their neighbors got disturbed and alarmed on how the teen verbalized her plans on eating her own mother's brain by saying that she got the code to her mom's brain and it's all because she got it from hell. Neighbors hurriedly warned the parents and suggested spiritualists to come to the scene to rescue the girl who is falling to satanism.

According to her mother:
"I thought she was delivered long ago because this is not the first time it is happening. She once did it at her former school and she was expelled. This time around it became worse because she was threatening to suck blood from her sibling's private parts and eat my brains, She returned home early in the morning and started cleaning. After a while she locked herself in her room and we heard her scream. That is when she claimed she saw a snake under her bed and she immediately started saying she wanted to taste my brains and suck blood,"
The situation got worse as her daughter started to move like a snake as witnessed by their own neighbors. This prompted the neighbors to ask pastors for help. A nearby pastor named Pastor Elias Mwizha of the Apostolic Assembly church confirmed that the teen got initiated to Satanism through sex. Sexual Demons was seen on her presence as the pastors prayed for her during that night.
"I personally hope that she has been fully delivered. It is only a matter of time that she recovers," - Pastor Elias Mwizha

The condition of the teen is still under observation and there are also possibilities that she may got her unusual behavior through a mental illness but what contradicts that belief is that she appears to be normal for 17 years of her life and it only stopped when she returned from the New Year's Eve party she attended.


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