Boyfriend Sold 13 Year Old Girlfriend to a 42-year-old man for only $3200 who Raped, Starved and Abused her

Zheijang province, China - a 13-year-old runaway girl named Xiao Zhao experienced an unfortunate series of events as she was sold by her so...

Zheijang province, China - a 13-year-old runaway girl named Xiao Zhao experienced an unfortunate series of events as she was sold by her so-called boyfriend to a 40-year-old man for a price of $3200. The 13-year old girl was raped, starved and beaten reportedly by her "husband."

Xiao Zhao experienced these things as she initially eloped with her boyfriend A-Wu. It was said that A-Wu convinced her to run away from her parents’ home in order to “play house” with him. A-Wu even added flowery words such as making her believe that a ‘happily ever after’ awaits them as soon as they get together. The naive child fell to the trap as A-Wu only wanted to make money out of her.

As soon as he convinced the child to go with him, He immediately sold Xiao to 42-year-old named Mr. Guo. Xiao was forced to come with the 42-year old man who only feeds her one bowl of rice a day, if she answers him back, Mr.Guo will beat her up while saying that she already costed him too much money. The naive girl tried to escape the hands of her captor for 9 times already. But the only problem is that she was taken by Guo to the mountains and she easily gets lost. She is more scared of dying in the mountains than being abused by Mr. Guo.

There are also chances of Xiao being able to contact her parents but she is too afraid to let her voice be heard. She is scared because her captor always threatens her that he will kill her parents ift hey try to show up and get her back. The threats to the 13-year old Xiao made her feel helpless, she calls her parents but she will only listen to her parents' voices and eventually hangs up. Her parents in return, thinks that it was only prank calls then.

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 Burt every suffering must come to an end and every bad deeds needs to be paid with punishment, Xiao's father decided to call the police. The police were able to locate and rescue the poor Xiao Zhao from the hands of her ‘husband.' When the police found her, she had lost so much weight. Her own father almost did not recognize her due to a drastic weight loss she attained from the abusive hands of Mr.Guo. Xiao's suffering ended and justice is anticipated to be served, as Mr. Guo and A-Wu have been arrested already and were charged with kidnapping, human trafficking, child abuse, and rape. The prosecutor will be adding more charges before the case goes to court. Xiao and her family is hoping that justice be served and the two evil men get punished for luring Xiao with the thoughts of having a "happily ever after" in order to make money out of her innocent age.


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