Mysteries Of Abydos: Egypt’s Flying Machines?

I’m going to start of this article by asking you, the reader the question; “What do you see in the above image?”. Do some of the hieroglyphs...

I’m going to start of this article by asking you, the reader the question; “What do you see in the above image?”. Do some of the hieroglyphs look a bit odd? unlike the others? Well according to many people that have visited the Temple of Seti in Abydos and even archaeologists who have researched the temple, claim that these hieroglyphs actually depict modern day flying machines such as helicopters, airplanes, and even submarines. Is this Pareidolia, or did ancient Egyptians just get lucky when they carved these hieroglyphs?

This ancient temple built by Seti I, and his son Ramses II, has been the center of attention for many researchers in the field of archaeology and ufology. The image above firsts thought to be a fake, was proven to be the real deal and present today on a heavy stone slab that supports the ceiling of this amazing temple. Even though some of us would love for these ancient hieroglyphs to depict actual modern day machines, most archaeologists claim that this is the result of Palimpsest, where Egyptologists actually identified overlapping of the hieroglyphics in the above image. The original glyph’s were “erased” and replaced by a new set of hieroglyphics which turned out to be these strange looking figures which according to researchers, accidentally resemble modern day machines. Take notices that this theory has not been accepted by all archaeologists equally Most researchers still believe that these hieroglyphs are still a mystery and that a acceptable scientific conclusion is needed. The Abydos temple honored numerous deities, including Isis, Horus, Set, Amun-Re, Re-Horakhty, and Ptah.

Hieroglyphs present at the temple of Seti I are incredibly clean and precise and you cannot find a single place inside the temple where hieroglyphs were sloppy or out of place, so what could these hieroglyphs really be?

Re-carving of inscriptions was a common practice in ancient Egypt. According to history,when newly installed Pharaohs adopted the structures of their predecessors they would make them their own by overwriting the hieroglyphs, this practice can cause optical illusions and this is the explanation that modern day Egyptologists have regarding Abydos, but it is here where some researchers do not agree with the explanation pointing towards the image of the “helicopter” that appears in the image stating that it is a precise and continuous image finely carved to depict what they saw, a helicopter.

Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published several sensational photos taken in the Amon Ra Temple in Karnak, which according to researchers represent almost identical carvings to the ones found in Abydos. Two almost identical sets of drawings were found at Karnak and Abydos. These images are not available and we have not been able to find any of them. If the finding at Karnak did in fact partially match the hieroglyphs found at Abydos all current theories explaining the depictions at Abydos would fall into water.

If this was actually true, it would change the way Egyptologists and researchers think about Abydos, Karnak and history itself.

Do the hieroglyphs found at Abydos suggest the presence of flying machines thousands of years ago? Is it a coincidence that similar hieroglyphs were found at two locations, Abydos and Karnak? And does the theory of re-facing and re-carving of the original temple stonework hold up against the theory of flying machines? It is a debate that will continue in the future, until an explanation, accepted by the entire archaeological community is given. The actual explanation of the “flying machines at Abydos” is that, they are not flying machines, they are merely eroded glyph’s of a palimpsest punished by time. If the author of these hieroglyphs really meant to illustrate flying machines, we are sure that we would find more evidence of these flying machines in other parts of Egypt. Let’s face it, flying around in ancient Egypt would have been a pretty big deal worth depicting and worshiping, so we are sure that if ancient Egyptians had the ability to fly around, more proof of that would be available today. For now, we stick with the theory of eroded glyph’s of a palimpsest.

By Ivan Petricevic, Ancient Code


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