Crypto currency miner ‘quietly’ bundled with μTorrent, users cry foul

Are you in a hurry to install the newest version of μTorrent? Be careful of what you hit agree to. Users of μTorrent are fuming after it cam...

Are you in a hurry to install the newest version of μTorrent? Be careful of what you hit agree to.

Users of μTorrent are fuming after it came to notice that the newest version of the popular file sharing app (version 3.4.2) is coming covertly bundled with Epic Scale which uses a portion of the CPU cycles to mine crypto-currency Litecoin. One Litecoin is worth $1.89.

The complaints in the forum imply that the users had 
no indication of the software being installed, and the reactions ranged from discontent to outraged “good bye μtorrent”.

Users are furious that the processing power of their computers are being utilized without their knowledge.
Bit Torrent has released an official statement that 

Epic Scale is not installed without the consumer’s permission. They further added that like other software companies, they have partner packages in the install path which are strictly optional.
Epic Scale which euphemistically proclaims “Your computer has the power to change the world” denied allegations of the sly installations and said it is included in Bit Torrent clients.
It's website explains,
Epic Scale uses your computer’s idle time to do genomics research, protein folding, image rendering, cryptocurrency mining, and more, then we give a majority of the profits to charities like Watsi (life-changing surgeries), and Immunity Project (HIV vaccine). We do not spy on your browsing behavior or scan your files or anything like that.”

Epic Scale's CEO,Tim Olson stated that they will shift from mining Litecoin to working for full time science research projects.

Philanthropic initiatives aside, the troubling fact remains that it is flagged as a risk and blocked by trackers and firewall. It is difficult to uninstall according to users; in addition to the Removal via Add/Remove Programs, all residual files in the program drive has to be removed manually. Epic  Scale however maintains that it is not a spyware.
It is to be noted that since BitTorrent varies the bundled partner software for each download, not all users will get Epic Scale.
The furore on the forum, prompted Epic Scale to damage control mode. The site has been updated with clear instructions on how to uninstall the code, and the company has promised to display clearer opting out options in the future.
For those who are having troubles uninstalling, can visit Epic Scale's uninstall instructions, or email its support address for help in removing the software.


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