5 Terrifying Legends and Haunted Houses In Italy

Abandoned and uninhabited, with horror stories to their names, there are some houses in Italy, that would scare even the bravest individuals...

5 Terrifying Legends and Haunted Houses In Italy

Abandoned and uninhabited, with horror stories to their names, there are some houses in Italy, that would scare even the bravest individuals. Once inhabited by mysterious characters, they now show only the scars of a terrible past and, in some of them, you can still feel the presence of ghosts and damned souls.

Is this scaring you? If not, have a look at the creepy houses Swide’s selected for you…

Casa del Violino – Scogna Sottana, La Spezia, Liguria

An ancient legend tells that a young violinist used to live in this house, years and years ago. After his death, nobody wanted to inhabit or buy the house, which would have soon become available for anybody wanted to spend a night there. But all the people who had spent a night in that house, swear to have heard a violin (saved in a case) and terrifying screams coming from the walls. The house has never been sold or inhabited since.

Palazzo Malvasia – Trebbo di Reno, Bologna, Emilia Romagna

In this palace, in the province of Bologna a young girls, Clara, was walled up alive by her father, scared by her clairvoyance in the early 1900. The house is also known as Villa Clara. According to legend, the ghost of the young girl is still in the house and you can hear her crying and asking for help. According to a different version of the legend, the stepson of the noble owner of the house, walled Clara up alive, in order to punish her for a secret love affair with a servant.

Villa Santoro – Selva Nera, Salerno, Campania

In the province of Salerno, there is a house abandoned years ago and still uninhabited. According to legend, a rich man used to live herewith his wife and the servants. One day he discovered his wife cheating on him with one of his attendants and that he got so angry that he killed both the lovers and buried them in the garden of the house, and then planted an apple tree on the exact spot of the shallow grave. Years late, people swear to have seen weird shadows and terrible voices there.

Ca’delle anime – Voltri, Genova, Liguria

According to legend, this terrible house was once an inn, where the owners used to kill their customers. They drop a piece of furniture into the room where the victim was sleeping who would die squashed by the weight amidst terrible screams. The owner would then proceed to steal any money from the victim and then throw the cadavers into a mass grave. According to legend, the souls of those victims are bound to the house, and at night they drop furniture and crockery making loud noises.

Villa Magnoni – Cona, Ferrara, Emilia Romagna

In Cona, a little town, near Ferrara there is an unusual house. Why is it so? Because all its windows have been walled-up. In the late 80s, a group of friends came into the house and once inside, they started hearing children singing from the garden. But they couldn’t find anybody outside there. Looking up the windows they saw an old woman who told them to go away from there insulting them. They ran away but died because of an accident. Just one of them survived. The city authorities decided to wall up all the windows of the house, except for one room, where there was no floor. The guy who survived the accident said the old woman appeared exactly from that window. Villa Magnoni is still abandoned and nobody wants to buy it.

Are these only legends or is there truth in these stories? Who knows. What we know for sure is that these places certainly bare a tragic history.



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