‘US Jade Helm’ Secret Preparation For Asteroid That Will Wipe Out Mankind In September?!

Internet bloggers and Armageddon conspiracists are predicting the "end of days" event to happen between September 22 to 28. One bl...

Internet bloggers and Armageddon conspiracists are predicting the "end of days" event to happen between September 22 to 28.

One blogger has worryingly suggested US residents retain their firearms after suggesting that the controversial military operation Jade Helm taking place between July and September in several southern states is in preparation for predicted anarchy that could ensue as the asteroid nears the planet.

Meanwhile, many fringe religious groups and Biblical theorists are claiming the predicted impact will herald the beginning of the Rapture - a seven-year tribulation period.

There have been so many online posts and viewings that NASA experts saw fit to put out a retraction reassuring people no large object is expected to hit the planet for "several hundred years".

Others seem convinced that the meteorite's arrival will somehow be caused by a gravitational mishap during tests currently being carried out by the Large Hadron Collider - miles of tunnels where scientists are smashing atoms to try to discover a parallel universe.

The LHC is located 175 metres under the French-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland.

It is accepted by scientist that the LHC, operated by CERN, could cause a black hole to form, but there has been no suggestion it could affect the movement of asteroids in space, yet this has not deterred Nostradamus style predictors.

But one blogger suggested the LHC was a much more sinister machine, stating: "The CERN logo is 666 - the sign of the beast - in a circle.

"The CERN collider looks like the all-seeing eye or stargaze we see so much of."

One of the more alarming theories is in a post on the Whistleblower800 website, which claims to lift the lid on government corruption.

The writer claims to have cracked the reason for the controversial Jade Helm military exercise taking place from next month across Texas Utah and southern California.

In an article entitled Jade Helm Update: It’s about Mass Extinction Event coming 2015, the author said the world leaders ways of preventing an impact were not yet working, but they don’t want to admit this for fear of anarchy.

The writer added: “This (the asteroid) is why the military is deploying Jade Helm this summer, because it may no longer be possible to cover it all up.

“Jade Helm is an insurance policy. If we make it to fall, JH will just be a training exercise.

If not, Jade Helm will have troops in place to put down what is going to be pandemonium and revolution.

“For us, even if we don’t live in the inner cities where the riots are bound to begin, the worst part is that we have been set up to be the opposition.

“The US Military will shoot at us, because we will be seen as fools refusing to accept the sacrifices required to save our planet.

“If those of us with the guns don’t wake up to it now, we are setting ourselves up for imprisonment and slaughter.”

There are many other conspiracy theories already doing the rounds about Jade Helm, including that it is an attempt to introduce Martial Law, when the head of the army would take over the government, or an operation to seize guns from the public.

However scientists have been quick to dismiss the claims. They insist that almost all asteroids are destroyed by the extreme atmospheric friction heating they receive when flying towards Earth.

The asteroids usually break up into harmless shards that eventually burn up before reaching the ground.

A NASA spokesman said: “NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small.

“In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

NASA has also made asteroid detection a top priority, and are developing strategies for identifying asteroids that could pose a risk to our planet.

By Jon Austin, EXPRESS


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