Video: Man Stuck Inside Another Man’s Wife After Husband Uses Black Magic On Her

Kenyan witch-doctors do wonders, the man was caught in Nairobi with someone’s wife in a guest house. Even the police could not rescue him fr...

Kenyan witch-doctors do wonders, the man was caught in Nairobi with someone’s wife in a guest house. Even the police could not rescue him from the black magic (It works), butpastor helps separate them.

WARNING:Reader discretion is advised, otherwise ignore the entire article

Nairobi, Kenya – A real life tragedy of untold magnitude befell a Kenyan “couple” when some strange forces saw the two stuck together after an infidelity session at a Nairobi guest house early this week.

However, counteracting forces came into play when a local pastor called upon to pray for divine intervention commanded the duo to separate, to the bewilderment of the amorous man the adulterous wife.

According to news reaching, and a youtube video widely circulated on the internet, the cheating “couple” got “stuck” in the highly embarrasing situation with the man completely unable to get off the woman.

The graphic video displaying minute by minute progression of the drama has gained over 135,000 hits after only 3 days since posting.

Reports indicate that the husband to the woman had suspected for long that his wife was cheating on him.
Feeling betrayed, he is reported to have visited a witch-doctor who applied black magic on the wife, causing the unfortunate man to get stuck inside her during the act.

After several hours and repeated efforts to separate failed, the “couple” decided to call for help using a cell phone.

Police responded to the distress calls but for hours, they could not rescuethe pair from the “black magic”.

A big crowd of curious residents, some perched on nearby rooftops and stone fences, swelled outside to witness the drama, as police ran out of options on how to help the two.

Many jostled for position to take a glimpse of the unfolding drama, with some snapping pictures and live video footage with their cell phones and hand and other held camcorders.

Others tried to openly entice policemen with money in order to be allowed to jump ahead of the line for a better chance to take a glimpse of the unfortunate situation.
“Young man, what is going on? Just say what your problem is so you can be helped,” a policeman, speaking in local dialect (Kiswahili) told a bewildered looking, naked man lying prone on top of the half naked woman who covered her face with a piece of cloth.
Dumbfounded friends pleaded with the woman’s husband to agree to have the pair now facing embarrassment of untold magnitude separated.

Eventually he agreed to have them separated on condition the cheating man paid him Kenya shillings 20,000 as compensation for damages and embarrassment suffered.
However, audio from a widely circulated video indicated the husband said eh would not want the cheating woman back.

The cheating man had little choice but to agree to the deal.

To seal the deal a pastor was summoned to pray for the divine intervention.
“We rebuke the spirit of devil!. I now call the mighty God……, who hates the power of death, to call upon your name now ….,” loudly declared the clergyman who burst into the tiny room filled with a number of police officers and curious onlookers.
He then proceeded to ask the couple if they believed in the name of God.
“Munaamini mungu?” (Do you believe in God?).
After the man said yes and nodded further in agreement, the pastor then commanded him to get off the woman.

“Siutoe hiyo kitu. Toka!” (Pull that thing out. Out!), the pastor commanded.

A short while later, the man succeeded to separate himself from the woman who was now sobbing uncontrollably.

For a moment, the mesmerized man stared at the people in the room in disbelief, before he was able to move and gather his clothes.

“Anaangalia namna gani huyu? Huamini,” (Why is this man staring like this. You don’t believe it?), a policeman was heard asking the man.

Once free, the bewildered looking man gathered courage, dressed up and was escorted rushed to a nearby ATM while the woman remained sobbing in the bed, too ashamed to make any move before the curious crowds could be successfully dispersed.




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