Ways To Contact The Dead

Words of advice: no matter how much of a skeptic you are, don’t mess with these things for giggles.  OUIJA BOARD Probably the most dangerous...

Ways To Contact The Dead

Words of advice: no matter how much of a skeptic you are, don’t mess with these things for giggles. 


Probably the most dangerous method. It’s when you have a planchette and a board like this.

You ask a question and a spirit moves the planchette for you, directing to certain letters to tell you information. The reason it’s dangerous, is because you don’t know who you are opening up to. It could be a hideous demon pretending to be your long gone grandma.


It’s when you clear your mind, and kind of open up your arm to be controlled by sprits. The writing is not your own but the spirits.


Get a couple friends that want to contact ghosts.

With this you are getting a group of like-minded people together and when several people get together for a common purpose, it makes communication more easier.

People often hold hands during a seance and this is just to help focus the energy. You don’t have to hold hands but it seems to help people concentrate better.

Focused concentration and a common goal is what makes seances work.


Before you use your device make sure you’ve got the proper mindset.

Make it clear you are hoping to communicate with the spirit world, invite the contact, open your mind to allowing it to happen.

Don’t let negative thoughts ruin it.

Ask questions and let the recorder, record for awhile. The idea behind this is that it can pick up voices and frequencies we can’t hear.

While yes, most people use it to clear their mind and relax it can also be used for spirit communication.

I’ve heard many, many theories about how our own sub-conscious is the greatest link for spirit communication. We’re just so bothered with everyday activities that we can’t hear what the other side says to us in a daily basis.

Here you can read about how to meditate

Master it first and clear your mind and allow communication. Be patient. According to someone who tried it this way “their thoughts enter hers and she feels a warm and buzzing sensation"


This one I got from a book by Raymond Moody, the guy who coined the term near death experience.

Those who tried it the correct way had an 80% chance of actually seeing the full fledged version of the dead person they wanted to talk to.

I think it’s pretty safe too, if you don’t have any negative thoughts (example: oh no what if I accidentally conjure up a demon)


You take a small crystal attach it to a necklace chain, and swing it. You ask a question and the direction of the swing, how fast it swings, which way it is swinging is supposed to tell you the answer to your question.

Here are some sites with people who have actually tried it and are speaking from experience.



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