47 Pictures Showing Strange ‘Man-Shaped Figure on The Moon’

There have already been talk about the “walking man” on the moon, but did you know “the walking man” can be seen in 47 pictures of the moon....

47 Pictures Showing Strange ‘Man-Shaped Figure on The Moon’

There have already been talk about the “walking man” on the moon, but did you know “the walking man” can be seen in 47 pictures of the moon.

Creating a path, there appears almost to be the same distance between the pictures, that would indicate the entity is traveling at the same speed and having it picture taking with the same distance apart, but it could also be stationary object like towers, antennas or that kind ?

notice the unknown entity appears to be casting a shadow and looks different in each picture.



This video is made for complement the discovery of the user Jasenko:

a strange man-shaped figure that apparently stand up on the Moon’s surface
Well, you can comment and share your thoughts about this new mystery of the Moon.
Coordinates of every figure on the moon:

Number 1: 27°17’13.65″N 25° 0’44.61″W
Number 2: 27°23’16.40″N 23°40’18.13″W
Number 3: 27°34’42.54″N 19°36’19.43″W
Number 4: 27°37’16.05″N 18°15’22.40″W
Number 5: 27°41’6.53″N 16°54’20.41″W
Number 6: 27°46’24.47″N 12°52’4.46″W
Number 7: 27°45’23.75″N 11°31’1.71″W
Number 8: 27°43’41.68″N 10° 9’54.91″W
Number 9: 27°41’18.02″N 8°49’18.05″W
Number 10: 27°37’55.21″N 7°28’33.40″W
Number 11: 27°33’35.47″N 6° 7’29.70″W
Number 12: 27°28’36.75″N 4°47’1.11″W
Number 13: 27°24’5.48″N 3°27’9.63″W
Number 14: 27°11’50.23″N 0°47’11.36″W
Number 15: 27° 4’46.20″N 0°32’6.78″E
Number 16: 26°57’12.06″N 1°50’55.33″E
Number 17: 26°47’45.96″N 3° 9’56.35″E
Number 18: 26°36’31.91″N 4°29’42.99″E
Number 19: 26°29’6.22″N 5°46’40.20″E
Number 20: 26°19’37.59″N 7° 4’34.37″E
Number 21: 25°48’37.11″N 10°54’53.35″E
Number 22: 25° 8’52.99″N 14°47’8.05″E
Number 23: 24°54’30.22″N 16° 3’34.79″E
Number 24: 24°24’16.46″N 18°37’13.41″E
Number 25: 23°14’2.64″N 23°39’26.74″E
Number 26: 22°53’14.97″N 24°54’10.28″E
Number 27: 22°33’57.74″N 26° 8’37.27″E
Number 28: 22°15’2.39″N 27°21’42.08″E
Number 29: 21°55’27.44″N 28°34’17.11″E
Number 30: 21°34’30.04″N 29°46’49.38″E
Number 31: 20°32’42.41″N 33°20’33.19″E
Number 32: 20° 8’52.86″N 34°30’24.03″E
Number 33: 19°43’34.47″N 35°44’30.24″E
Number 34: 19°15’43.99″N 37° 2’25.32″E
Number 35: 18°51’8.73″N 38°18’40.52″E
Number 36: 18° 2’30.46″N 40°48’47.37″E
Number 37: 17°36’2.82″N 42° 3’17.38″E
Number 38: 17° 7’53.64″N 43°16’10.42″E
Number 39: 16°38’49.93″N 44°29’3.68″E
Number 40: 16° 9’12.30″N 45°41’54.51″E
Number 41: 15°43’3.77″N 46°54’59.25″E
Number 42: 15°17’51.59″N 48° 7’38.40″E
Number 43: 13°50’16.41″N 51°43’43.16″E
Number 44: 12°47’32.69″N 54° 6’7.01″E
Number 45: 12°18’15.36″N 55°17’49.70″E
Number 46: 11°49’19.98″N 56°29’41.87″E
Number 47: 10°46’48.73″N 58°50’36.75″E

In this video, not only is posible to see the figure that Jasenko discovered (the figure number 3), but also can be seen 46 strange figures that are very similar to Jasenko's discovery.

I don't know what are these strange shapes, I don't know if they are a kind of structure, a spot on the moon, a simple pareidolia, or really they are the hint of an intelligent life form that inhabit the Moon.
I think this may be a strange spot or sign that the satellite's camera printed in every shot that took, because some of the figures seems to be the letters "KP". Besides, almost all the figures are very similar between them, almost if they were the same shape.

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