La Isla de las Munecas; The Island of Haunting Dolls

Let me ask you a question, Would you like to visit an island filled with dolls? Most kids, especially young girls love to collect DOLLS and ...

La Isla de las Munecas; The Island of Haunting Dolls

Let me ask you a question, Would you like to visit an island filled with dolls?

Most kids, especially young girls love to collect DOLLS and play with it. Some even makes it a hobby to have a collection of dolls and turns it into a museum for everyone to see. Some people can take their fascination to new extremes such as undergoing surgical operations to look like a doll while some believes that a doll can link them to the paranormal world.

Somewhere in South Mexico, An island is said to be haunted by dolls. The island is renowned for it's creepiness because it is filled with old and mutilated dolls that never fails to scare anyone who sets foot on the terror island.
It is called 'La Isla de las Munecas' (Island of Dolls) situated at the Xochimilco Canals in Mexico.
The island became one of the creepiest tourist destinations in South Mexico and in the whole world. 

The Legend

The Island is haunted by dolls due to an EVIL SPIRIT that lurks on it. It is believed that half a century ago, A little girl drowned in the river nearby the island with her beloved doll. Since that unfortunate incident happened, Dolls started to multiply on the canals believing that the Dead Girl's spirit is angry and haunts the place where she died. The dolls move like living things. This paranormal menace made the local residents stay away from the island.

The Island's Inhabitant

The sole resident of the island, The Late Don Julian starts to fished out one doll after another from the canals. Believing that this is a sign of the evil spirit, The Late Don Julian hangs the dolls on the tree to protect him. He does it to appease the spirit but it didn't help because the number of dolls on the island is still growing, Leading Don Julian to build a shrine for the dolls. This made him believe that he will be protected from the wrath of the Evil Spirit aside from hanging the dolls on various trees on the island.

Don Julian lived on the island until his dying day, he lived there alone even if he has a wife and a son who chose to live away from the island. Some sources stated that Don Julian also got addicted on collecting dolls that he even buys dolls from the nearby island's residents in exchange of fruits.
He died due to heart failure but people believes that the cause of his death is due to the spirits, They also believed that Don Julian's spirit now wanders the island with the dead girl's spirit.

The Island's Look

The dolls are hanged on trees, some with missing body parts while some are starting to decay. Other dolls can be seen on a shrine adding creepiness to the island. The island is now abandoned but it is now considered a place to go to for the tourists.

The Island's Popularity

Currently, No one lives on the island anymore but tourists can visit the island through Don Julian's Nephew, Anastacio. Anastacio opens the island for tourists with the help of their donations. Anastacio is not living on the island because he witnessed the dolls' creepy movements.
Other tourists who brings doll offerings on the island admits to hearing eerie voices on the island and even reports of feeling being stared at by the dolls' soulless eyes.

Unfortunately, the popular island is still included on the regular tourist guide until now. Tourists will still need to hire their own trajinera and driver to take them to the island. 

Now, Would you dare to visit 'La Isla de las Munecas' ?


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