Maria Labo: The Ultimate Aswang From The Philippines

Nowadays, The entertainment industry banks on stories that ventures into the world of the Supernatural. May it be on Television, Books or Mo...

Maria Labo; The Creepy Tale Of The Legendary Aswang

Nowadays, The entertainment industry banks on stories that ventures into the world of the Supernatural. May it be on Television, Books or Movies, it is proven to be a big hit to the legion of fans of the supernatural. One of the most popular genre would be Vampires. Some would be delighted to be bitten by an attractive vampire due to the romanticized version of Vampires. But would you still be attracted to Vampires if you know the darker and creepier side of Vampires and its other Vampire-like creations? Take for an instance, The story of Maria Labo / Mariang Labo or more popularly known as the legendary aswang of the Philippines who left a curse that whoever mentions her name or remembers her by 3 AM will see her in the flesh and might even kill you. Sounds like Bloody Mary, right?

What Is An ASWANG?

An Aswang (or Asuwang) is a vampire-like witch ghoul in Filipino folklore and is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories. Spanish colonists noted that the Aswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures of the Philippines, even in the 16th century.

The myth of the aswang is well known throughout the Philippines, except in the Ilocos region, which is the only region that does not have an equivalent myth. It is especially popular in the Western Visayan regions, Other regional names for the aswang include "tik-tik", "wak-wak" and "sok-sok" - Wikipedia

Who is Maria Labo?

Labo was also the name used to refer to a female vampire who came from the Philippines, Specifically in  Iloilo or Capiz. Maria Labo got famous for a story that depicted her as the murderer of her two sons and then cooked them for dinner who even offered her husband to eat their sons. Her distinct facial characteristics is her huge scar across her face. Her story spread like wildfire all over the country even overseas. Maria Labo's tale got popular in various forms of media. She was included to Horror Books, Featured to Local Magazines, Email/Text Messages warning everyone about her curse.  Maria Labo's tale is very creepy and leaves anyone who have heard her story sort of disturbed. What makes her more distinct to other legends was her curse. Her curse was similar to Bloody Mary, Whenever someone mentions or even remembers her name by 3:00 AM/PM will get a visit from her and it will be the last breath of anyone who wished to see her. There's still no proof that her curse is indeed true but the thought of it really gives anyone a creepy feeling and totally tries to forget about her.

The Creepy Tale Of Maria Labo

The most popular story of Maria portrays her as a human who got victimized by poverty and supernatural forces. Maria Labo was a loving mother to her two sons and a submissive wife to his husband, They needed money and she went opportunities abroad to help her family earn more in a short span of time. She became an OFW a.k.a Overseas Filipino Worker who received vampire powers from her employer that she worked for in Canada. The said employer passed on to Maria Labo his vampire powers since it is a must for any vampire to pass on their powers to anyone on their dying day. Maria has no knowledge that she was given the said powers and went home to the Philippines with huge amount of money she received as well from her employer. But the curse got the best out of her as she cannot control her hunger for human flesh, that's why she killed her two sons and cooked them for dinner. When her husband went home, Maria was said to lose her sanity after knowing she ate her kids. She offered her cooked dinner to his husband, Enraged by the act, Her husband gave her a mark on her face. That's why she got the name Maria Labo. Maria was said to be roaming around the place and even get to travel all around the Philippines as she got her supernatural powers. 

Other Origins Of Maria Labo 

She was an Overseas worker who got killed by a Spanish old man. Maria labo's spirit did not know that she is dead or already a ghost that's why she went home to her home in the Philippines to be with her family, Her family got to see her but by night, her husband touched her and felt that her wife is already cold and indeed a dead body who went home impossibly. 
Maria Labo was a simple, naive and beautiful young woman who was victimized and raped by local men. Her revenge is to terrorize the town by being the source of fear to the town and victimizes the young men of the local men who raped her.
Maria Labó was portrayed as just a simple human being with no  supernatural powers but she was a cannibal who ate her own two sons due to her growing love and curiosity to the taste of human flesh. 
Movie Adaptation 

The impact made by Maria Labo indeed generated clamor from Filipinos and now, a movie is said to be in the works. This time, it will be centered on Maria Labo's early life and how she succumbed to the dark side. A Facebook user named Ramphire Codes. In his post, he wrote "Now filming "Maria labo" under Star Builders Productions and Viva Films Productions". He even mentioned the cast to the alleged upcoming movie. The cast includes Jestoni Alarcon, Ara mina, Isabel Nesreen F. Frial, Migs Cordero under the direction of Roi Vinson.


Maria Labo may be a product of a very imaginative mind. Plus, her gripping story never ceased to gain attention from anyone who believed her tale and spread it all over the region. Her story may not be true but the thought of experiencing what she went through totally leaves us a creepy feeling. 

What time is it? Is it 3 am? Have you thought about her yet?


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