New Breed of Species That Could Rule Earth In The Future

The fate of the human race in the future is considered to be a very broad topic and discussion. As there are tons of theories that have been...

The fate of the human race in the future is considered to be a very broad topic and discussion. As there are tons of theories that have been shown to the public such as the alien invasion, cloning programs, etc.What's your idea regarding planet Earth's appearance in the future? There is a  huge possibility that we will get to meet another form of intelligent species. And by that time, our planet would go to a very big change.

Some scientists theorized that it is possible that human beings could cease to be the dominating species on planet Earth as other species will emerge. We all know that the "Homo Sapiens" is the most developed biological species on Earth, but experts do believe it will not always stay that long as  there are some of the new breed of species that could rule over Earth in the future.

Here's the breed of species that could take over our planet in the future according to

The Grey Goo

Theories say that the human race would possibly perish and the victims of miniature robots that could replicate everything on our planet.

Animal Kingdom

The future of the human race are said to be threatened by the wild animals. Will our beloved animals revolt against us in the future?

Genetic castes

 "Transhumanism" is linked to the end of equality and liberal ideas represented by the generation of genetic castes which would allow people with higher material resources to "design" children with "superior" capabilities.

Artificial intelligence 

Experts say that artificial intelligence has a big chance of replacing the human race.
"Human beings with their extremely slow biological evolution would not be able to compete with artificial intelligence and would thus be replaced by them," - Stephen Hawking

New Set of Human Forms

The evolutionary process of humans is believed that will influence the future, the human change will affect the new species that could emerge on planet Earth. It would be possible to see humanoid creatures taking over the normal human being in the future according to some experts.


Alien invasion is one of the most popular theory that our planet will face in the future. Theories of being exterminated by aliens is going strong as time goes by. Numerous ufologists believe that if we get to meet aliens, they would exterminate the human species.

There you have it, the different forms of species that could rule our planet in the future. This might be proven true but only time can tell. Time can only tell what would happen if we were to meet these new breeds of beings. Will the human race come to an end in the future?


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