The Gory Tale of The Amil Brothers

We have tackled urban legends in the past that depicts its main character as a menacing creature who lives by eating human flesh. There are ...

We have tackled urban legends in the past that depicts its main character as a menacing creature who lives by eating human flesh. There are the tales of Maria Labo, Teniente Gimo and even the Robinson Mall Snake as prime examples of those urban legend plots. But how would you react if there's actually a documented case about an alleged cannibalism performed by brothers to their own mother. Quite frightening and cringe-worthy right? Here's the creepy and gory tale of the Amil Brothers.

The Amil Brothers who all came from the Maguindanao province consists of Dante, 35, Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18. The brothers were accused of performing cannibalism acts to their own mother, Musala, 51. The neighbors found out about it days after the said act has been committed. According to reports, the brothers hogtied their mother as if she was a wild animal and then they devoured her own flesh. The body was recovered, several internal organs, the innards, and the eyes were missing.
AMPATUAN, Maguindanao - In a remote village in this town that drew notoriety for the 2009 massacre of 58 people, another event has shocked civilians and police authorities: the apparent ritualistic killing of a woman by her own sons, one of whom said they were trying to rid her of spirits that possessed her.
For days, neighbors of the Amil family had heard strange noises emanating from the shuttered home, with coarse laughter alternating with wailing. They admitted to barangay officials later that they were too scared to do anything, but had feared the worst. At the weekend, officials discovered a grisly sight: the badly mutilated body of Musala Amil, who had apparently died at the hands of her three sons.
Blood appeared to have been drained from her body; several body parts were missing, according to the chair of Barangay Kamasi, Bai Suraida Mamaluba.
“One of her relatives said the victim’s eyes had been taken; her throat was slashed, and innards were missing -- they said these appeared to have been eaten by the suspects,” Mamaluba said, speaking in Filipino.
Neighbors had been bothered by unexplained, weird voices coming from the Amil house the past days. One of them, Toto Enriquez, said “sometimes they laughed, sometimes they cried.” -

The Amil brothers denied the allegations and explained that they are only purging their mother an evil spirit who has been possessing her for a long time. The neighbors claims that the brothers may have been high on drugs. There's also another theory regarding the family's origin. It is claimed that they came from the family of "ghouls."


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