Secret Nazi Tunnels That Hides 3 Trains Full Of Nazi Gold Exposed

It is such a mind-boggling idea on where the Nazi treasure actually lies. That's why tunnels that's linked to the Nazi Germany '...

It is such a mind-boggling idea on where the Nazi treasure actually lies. That's why tunnels that's linked to the Nazi Germany 'Riese' construction project are being explored to find the answers to these mystery. And it may seem that there may not only be one Nazi gold train.  In fact, reports are saying that there may be as many as THREE trains hidden in secret tunnels in Poland ready to be explored.

Theories that there are more trains suggests only a fraction of a vast underground network commissioned by Hitler in the Second World War has been finally revealed. This theory brings hope about the Nazi mystery,  Of course, a masterpiece is anticipated to be reclaimed also and that's the 18th century Amber Room which was stolen from the palace of Catherine the Great of Russia. According to reports, the tunnels are said to be found near Ksiaz which could hold the Nazi gold. The 300ft armored train in Walbrzych, western Poland, got revealed by two treasure hunters last month and later on, confirmed by Polish officials. This is a wonderful news as it took decades of speculations about hoards of missing Nazi gold looted as the German army marched across the regions of Europe. The lead was said to be given by one of the men who helped hide the train secretly, he gave information about its whereabouts while on his death bed.

Though this news may excite a lot of treasure hunters, it is also anticipated that the Nazis booby-trapped the carriages with explosives to lure and defeat intruders. And another important detail is that the train’s contents will be rightfully returned to their owners if they can still be found. Magdalena Woch, director of culture at nearby Ksiaz castle, a fortress Hitler planned to use as his Eastern European base, claims that she believes there are more Nazi trains in the said area.
 “There is a story that in 1945 there were three trains which came into the town and have never been found. The gold may not be in the train that has been found but in a better-secured military train.There are discrepancies between maps of the area from the 1920s and the 1940s, which suggests there are tunnels under the town which have never been found. Up to 1947, the Soviets were here and we do not know what they found.” - Magdalena Woch

Tom Bower wrote a book on the subject called Nazi Gold also believes that the recently-found train is filled with art and precious jewels - instead of bars of gold. But  still, he hopes that the Amber Room will also be there.
“If it is an art train, there will be paintings, there will be perhaps diamonds, there will be rubies and precious stones and also, the one thing that’s always been missing, the Amber Room. It is far more exciting to think perhaps that is in the train.” - Tom Bower


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