UFO Opens Portal Above CERN

A very peculiar phenomenon was recorded by a group of US tourists who were visiting an area near CERN – the European Organization for Nuclea...

A very peculiar phenomenon was recorded by a group of US tourists who were visiting an area near CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the renowned CERN is a research organization that operates the largest particle accelerators in the world.

The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light, and through that scientists want to discover what the universe is made of and where did all life begin.

As fancy and promising as this sounds, the results might surprise even the scientists at CERN, and as some skeptics claim, the resulting experiments might be catastrophic for all humanity.

It appears that so far, the CERN facility is attracting UFOs and who knows what else. The video below shows how a peculiar vortex is present over the sky, until an unexpected guest gets sucked into it and the whirlwind suddenly dissipates.

At first, the vortex has a considerable size, but as it vacuums the matter of the clouds found nearby, it compresses considerably until it disappears. If you look closely, a strange ball of light enters the scene from the bottom right of the video. It strongly resembles to the orb UFOs seen so many times lately.

After the UFO gets to the center of the vortex, everything return to normal; even the wind stops howling. So what could this strange phenomenon be? Is it part of the CERN experiments? Or maybe a side effect of those?


To understand the complex experiments undergoing at CERN, one has to understand that they’re responsible for the discovery of the “god particle” – a particle that binds together the universe as we know it, and as Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the director of CERN stated:
We have made the discovery of a new particle – a completely new particle – which is most probably very different from all the other particles. It’s nearly a once in a lifetime experience, I would say.
However, after such a promising start, scientists engaged into even more daring projects. So, on September 23, 2015, CERN has gradually increased the number of collisions, while remaining at the same energy level. Even more, they are now running tests with lead ions instead of protons, in the hope of achieving exclusive results for science.

Even though many people expressed their concerns about the power-increase in CERN’s experiments (and the fears are real since we’re talking about nuclear energy and more), officials of the facility reassured everyone that the situation is under control. However, only a few months after the beginning of this, strange appearances like the one seen above have begun to surface. Should we fear for what CERN might discover in the near future?

Whatever may happen, we are too small to make a difference and influence the decisions of renowned scientists working here in Geneva, but at least we can spread the word and show what is happening there. Assuming the vortex sucking up a orb UFO was indeed an authentic phenomenon and not the work of CGI, our assumptions that CERN is into something big this time might prove to be real.



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