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Perhaps you have heard much speculation about the Anunnaki and our ancient civilizations when researching about Reptilians, but find yoursel...

Perhaps you have heard much speculation about the Anunnaki and our ancient civilizations when researching about Reptilians, but find yourself a little confused over the entirety of the subject. Here, we will try to explain so you can better understand who the Anunnaki are and why they are closely tied to the Reptilian race of aliens.

According to history, there is a notion that ancient civilizations like Assyria and Babylon (language spoken was Akkadian) believed in “gods;” however, we believe that the mistake is rooted in the simple translation of the word used to describe what mainstream linguists say means “god,” which is “ilu” .

The Akkadian cuneiform tablets speak extensively about the affairs of ilu. The word “ilu” has been commonly mistranslated as “gods”, and this is what gives rise to the popular notions about ancient near Eastern religion. The interesting fact is that “ilu” has a different translation which is “tall guys,” but
despite the overall acceptance of this “mistake” of translation, they continue to translate “ilu” to mean “gods.” Is it a cover up? As far as we are concerned it is irrelevant to the subject matter and the ancient evidence points us to the truth about this word “ilu.”

The ilu were clearly anthropomorphic beings much taller than ordinary humans. In every epiction/illustartion where ilu and ordinary people are shown side by side the ilu are much taller and have been estimates to be

fourteen to fifteen feet tall. Many questions have sprung about to who were these ilu and if they were a genetic mutation of humans that went extinct?

The answer is provided for us by another ancient civilization that preceded the Assyrians and the Babylonians. This ancient civilization called their land SHU-MER, The Land of the Watchers, but Western scholars have decided to call it Sumer, apparently finding it easier to write and pronounce.

The Sumerian Civilization and the Annunaki

It is very well known that the Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization to have ever been recorded on Earth which blossomed out almost overnight around 3800 B.C. in Mesopotamia, the land between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates, and came to a sudden end in 2024 B.C. The Akkadian culture and language evolved from the Sumerian Civilization, and the “ilu” word of the Akkadians, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians came from Sumer as well. The Sumerians, however, were more specifically descriptive when referring to them. The Sumerian people called them Anunnaki which translates into “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came.” For those who haven’t connected the dots quite yet, this is the first evidence we have from Sumerian records of beings coming from outer space.

“As if to convince us that they knew what they were talking about, the ancient Sumerians have left for us countless depictions of aircraft, rockets, and other vehicles for flying both through the atmosphere and through space.

The depictions are accompanied by detailed technical descriptions of their operation, as well as correct detailed astronomical information about the solar system, all nine planets known to us today (the farthest of which are totally invisible without powerful telescopes), asteroids and comets, and the distant stars, including many that are not visible from Sumer.

The astronomical knowledge passed to us by the Sumerians includes the description of the tenth planet of the solar system, which was the home planet of the Anunnaki. Given the accuracy of the Sumerian knowledge about the nine planets, asteroids, comets, and distant stars we know today, there is little reason to believe that they were mistaken about the tenth planet of the solar system.”

In conclusion, it is evident that the Sumerian people described something that to them seemed supernatural; however, today it is clear that this may have been the first recorded data of the Reptilians. The Anunnki were known to play “god” roles and control civilizations through worship or “work for.” For example, it is known that Egyptians not only worshiped their “gods” but worked for them. Taking the description of these “beings,” one can only deduce that they are the very reptilian aliens we know and hear about today. This is why Anunnaki are believed to be the Reptilians of modern day alien enthusiast. They have wanted massive world wide control in the past and today they seem to be plotting and planning their agenda to once again control our human civilization.



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