15 Bizarre Facts That Will Change The Way You See The World!

Human brain is a storage for numerous kinds of information. Some of them are useful while others are just random bizarre facts or trivia. We...

Human brain is a storage for numerous kinds of information. Some of them are useful while others are just random bizarre facts or trivia. We also find information that make us think and change how we view the world. Here are 15 such bizarre facts that will stay in your mind for a long time after you read them.

1. Just a couple of days after your death, the enzymes that once processed your dinner, start processing you.

Human body uses enzymes to digest every meal it has. But once we die, those enzymes begin to eat us. Cells do not get oxygen, and the bacteria starts to feed on the membrane and the cell itself. This process usually starts in our liver and brain, making all burst cells a meal for the bacteria living inside the human body. The harmful gases that are released in this process cause the eyes to bulge out. One of the ways to slow down this process significantly is to get the body embalmed.(source)

2. Some chickens are born half male and half female.

Chickens can also be gynandromorphous, and only about 1 in 10,000 chickens are born with this rare genetic abnormality. The interesting thing is that the researchers expected to find a mutation of some kind, but instead came across chickens that are half-male and half-female with completely different anatomy on two halves of the body. The difference was in their body shape, plumage and muscle structure. According to the doctors, this might not only lead us to some interesting discoveries about human health in the future, but can also provide insight into how birds develop.(source)

3. Bananas are radioactive!

When you are passing through the metal detectors, you are exposed to a small amount of radiation, but you don’t expect this to happen when you eat a banana. The astonishing fact is that bananas are radioactive because they contain an isotope of potassium, which makes it radioactive. This is not something to worry about, as the body needs the potassium to function normally. In fact, you would need to eat five million bananas at once to get radiation sickness. So, bananas are just a little bit radioactive, which is enough to get them on the charts.(source)

4. The Oxford English Dictionary was largely written by a murderer William Chester Minor while he was at a mental asylum

W.C. Minor (1834-1920) was an American surgeon who was serving in the army during Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. Being part of the American Civil War left a big mark on him, and caused him to become delusional. This led him to fatally shoot a man in 1872 because he believed that the man broke into his home. He pleaded for insanity, and was put up in the asylum in Berkshire, UK, where he had privileges of reading books.

Because of his contact with book stores, he came to know that volunteers are needed for what later became the Oxford English Dictionary. Minor was one of the hard-working volunteers, who is also acknowledged for giving the second best contribution to the Dictionary, before his delusions got the better of him, and forced him to cut off his own penis.(source)

5. There is a statue of a guy stuffing a baby in his mouth in Switzerland, but nobody knows why!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the city of Bern in Switzerland, there is a statue that you don’t want to miss. Child Eater, or as the Swiss call it “Kindlifresser”, shows half of a baby stuffed in the mouth of an ogre, while he is carrying three other infants in his arm. This weird statue was built over 500 years ago, in 1546, and is actually, one of the first fountains built in Bern.

Sadly, nobody knows the story behind the statues. According to one, it represents Kronos, a Titan from the Greek Mythology, who ate all his children in order to keep the throne. The other theory suggests anti-Semitism, and is supported by the fact that the ogre is wearing a hat similar to the type Jews were made to wear back then. At that time, people believed Jews took away Christian children for their blood rituals, which the baby-eating statue depicts. The third theory is probably the most fitting, which suggests that Kindlifresser is a bogeyman, and the statue should scare the children and make them behave themselves.(source)

6. There exists a poisonous plant that leaves the victims with a smile on their face after dying

Joker used a gas to send people into death with a smile, and ancient Phoenician colonists on Sardinia, an island near Italy, used a potion based on plants to put a grin on their victims’ faces. The plant is known as Hemlock water-dropwort. Most of the plants that are bad for people are usually bitter or have some other way of repelling, but hemlock is a sweet plant.

Due to the fact that it relaxes the muscles, it might even be used in cosmetics in future, as it could make a great botox.(source)

7. An Australian woman separated from her spouse, giving the advantage to a pet crocodile over their marriage. The lady raised the crocodile ever since he was small, treating it as her own son and letting it sleep in bed with her.

What would you do if your wife was having a pet crocodile, and lets it sleep with your son in the same bed? Vicki Lowing’s husband told her to give up the crocodile, but she decided to give him up instead.

Johnie, an almost two metre long crocodile, had been left on the doorstep of the Lowing’s, and was taken in by Vicki. Not long had passed before she started giving him much more attention than to her husband Greg.

‘Greg can look after himself, but Johnie can’t prepare his own meals’, Vicki stated.

This brought tension in the house, especially when Greg felt neglected, and finally led to their divorce in 2005. When Greg asked her to give up Johnie for the sake of their marriage, Vicki categorically rejected.(source)

8. Not only mosquitoes drink our blood, they also urinate on us.

Once mosquitoes feed on our blood, they need to urinate, or else they can get fluid overload that might kill them. This fact also affects their flight performance, because until they urinate, it’s hard for them to take off since they are too heavy, giving their host more time to swat them.

The key thing here is that protein in their urine might be what we need to stop dengue fever and other diseases that mosquitoes take credit for spreading. So, this might not be such a bad thing!(source)

9. One gypsy tribe in India does it all completely different. They make a feast each time someone dies, and treat birth as a sad event.

Gypsy families from the Satiyaa community live in provisional shelters by the roads or other vacant spaces. Most of them are illiterate, and they are known for males being addicted to liquor, and females giving themselves up to prostitution.

Main thing that separates these 24 families from the rest of the world is the fact that they believe that death is the happiest event in one’s life, while birth is an event to be extremely sad about. Dancing groups and drums are organized to see the body off for the cremation, and the feast with a lot of liquor and dancing is also arranged.(source)

10. Think your wife is rough on you? Think again! After Praying Mantis’ finish mating, the female bites the head off its male companion and eats it

Once Praying Mantis’ decide to indulge in a mating process, it signals the end of the male Mantis in that relationship.

Sad news for all the male Praying Mantis’ out there! If you are planning on mating with a female companion, better don’t! Once the two insects get to it, a female Mantis starts devouring the male one by biting its head off, and eating it completely. Perhaps women are not that bad after all, huh, guys?(source)

11. There exist ‘ghost plants’ which don’t have chlorophyll, and grow without sunlight!

What differs Monotropa uniflora from other plants is the fact that it doesn’t contain chlorophyll at all. While all the other plants generate their energy from sunlight, this ‘corpse plant’ is parasitic (myco-heterotroph, to be exact), and since it doesn’t depend on Sun, it can grow in extremely dark surroundings.

Also known as ghost plant, Monotropa uniflora is native to parts of European Russia, Asia and parts of North and South America. It grows from 10-30 cm of height, and usually isn’t totally white, but has black spots and a pale pink color.(source)

12. A cat has a certain parasite in its gut. It deposits it’s offspring in cat’s droppings, which gets eaten by a rat, messing with their behaviour and causing the rats to feel sexual arousal when they are around cats, with the goal of getting back to the guts

This part is only to be read by the ones with guts, as it gets a bit creepy. A natural reaction that a rat has when it senses a cat or even her urine, is getting anxious. However, there is a specific parasite located inside the cat’s gut, which deposits its offspring in the cat’s droppings, that can be eaten by a rat. This is where it gets weird.

The parasite then plays with the behaviour of a rat, making him scared of other bigger animals, but not scared of the cat any more. Furthermore, rats that are infected with this parasite feel sexual arousal, when around cats. The reason? Returning to the cat guts, of course.(source)

13. There’s an island in the Pacific where many of the residents are suffering from color blindness. They can only see black and white colors, but they often take a psychedelic drug which gives them colourful hallucinations

Meet Pingellap, a small atoll in the Pacific, famous for the fact that achromatopsia or complete blindness for colors is much more common than in any other place in the world.

Genetics is the reason for this, and while the locals might not have found the cure, they have found a way to see colors in a psychedelic drug that they can access on the island, which gives them hallucinations of colors.(source)

14. Meet a Brinicle – an underwater icicle of death that kills everything it touches

People have been familiar with the existence of brinicles for over 50 years ago, but only recently it has been caught on camera for the first time, providing some interesting insights. This icicle of death forms underwater, destroying everything it gets in contact with, until it finally hits the seabed, spreading a web of ice that is lethal to starfish and urchins.

This phenomenon is a characteristic of Antarctica, and usually forms once saline water enters the ocean.(source)

15. In 1997 at Mexico, it rained frogs from the sky

It’s raining frogs, hallelujah! This is exactly what happened in Culiacan, Mexico, in 1997, when a small tornado caused toads to fall from the sky.

What actually happened? A wind storm passed over a local pond picking up frogs that were in it and dumped them over the town of Sinaloa. In 2005 a similar thing happened in Serbia, which according to the experts is nothing unusual.

Basically, a wind is capable of picking up everything within its power, and while it’s usually only dust, apparently it can move away other things, such as frogs as well.(source)



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