Illuminati And Occult Symbols In Film And Television Everywhere

Themes of the hidden knowledge bestowed through the ancient symbol of the All-Seeing Eye, transhuman evolution, alien invasions, and the big...

Illuminati And Occult Symbols In Film And Television Everywhere

Themes of the hidden knowledge bestowed through the ancient symbol of the All-Seeing Eye, transhuman evolution, alien invasions, and the biggest agenda of them all- the child god worship of Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus…

In this article we’ll take a brief look at the many hidden messages we can expect to infiltrate the pop culture consciousness in 2016 as the “Illuminati” proceed with their Age of Aquarius campaign in an attempt to Nihilistically destroy our world and supplant it with the one of their choosing…

*This article has an accompanying video on the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel:

All Seeing Eye

First, let’s start with the low-lying fruit- the symbol that gets used so often that I’ve devoted an entire post to it called Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand. This esoteric symbol of course, is the All Seeing Eye…

I’ll start with a film that was actually released in 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was strategically near the Winter Solstice on December 18th. This was around the time of the pagan holiday known as Yule, or Saturnalia (detailed in the Occult & Illuminati holidays article). This is a time for occultists to revere the dark side of the human psyche since the earth is also subjected to the darkest time of year. Here the sun is at its lowest altitude and some even claim human sacrifices were committed to appease the gods during Saturnalia.

How appropriate to have mankind peer into their dark side as we’re subjected to the science fiction tale that explores this exact concept. Many of you are already familiar with this idea as I’ve laid out in prior articles where the Illuminati utilize Kabbalah symbolism to emphasize the importance of initiates balancing the dark with the light:

Star Wars symbolism: Duality of balancing The Force with the All Seeing Eye of Horus

Kabbalah Tree of Life behind the Dark and Light Forces

We already knew the deal behind the film because of the sequence of movie posters showing us the All Seeing Eye of Horus:

All Seeing Eye of Horus

The director of the latest Star Wars film is J.J. Abrams, and here we see that he is hip to the occult knowledge by pointing to his head (or perhaps even his All Seeing Eye)- a symbol used by many to convey that they understand the esoteric language:

What promises to be the most symbolism-rich film of 2016 is Gods of Egypt. In this film we’ll see the origins of many symbols that have been utilized by the Illuminati to penetrate the subconscious mind of the world since the times of antiquity.

Presumably the story follows the Egypt mythology of Set killing his brother Osiris in an attempt to take the throne of Egypt. Osiris’ wife Isis locates all of the pieces of his body- minus the phallus. Isis then receives help from Thoth to magically reattach a golden phallus (the obelisk) in order to conceive a child (Horus) after Osiris’ death.

Set and Horus would grow up with contention between them (obviously), but Set is the Lord of Darkness (sometimes referred to as “Typhon“) and he removes the eye(s) of Horus as well. This tale has existed through esoteric tradition with the All Seeing Eye being used a symbol for various meanings.

The right eye of Horus symbolizes the sun while the left eye symbolizes the moon- which tells us that Horus has a balance of both sides of nature. The male aspect is symbolized by the sun (right eye) and represents masculine principles of fire, dominance, strength, etc. The female aspect is symbolized by the moon (left eye) represents feminine principles of liquid, fluidity, change in emotion, etc.

In occult initiations it is always emphasized that one should find a balance of both extremes and become a bit androgynous in order to become more enlightened and move beyond the didactic way of thinking. You could view this in a positive manner or more of a conspiratorial manner and claim that they are trying to lead people off the path of believing in God and His creation (since it’s defying the male-female nature He made).

Quentin Tarantino’s latest effort called The Hateful Eight features more of the same symbol; this time we see Jennifer Jason Leigh with the blackened eye with the Illuminati vow of silence– suggesting she won’t reveal the truth behind the symbols:

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy are featured in the highly acclaimed film The Revenant which revealed the All Seeing Eye on the movie poster:

In the film, we see Leonardo DiCaprio’s character with a flask that has the dark spiral arm engraved on it. This spiral is a symbol meant to convey the evolution of consciousness from internal to external (or vice-versa). It’s a symbol that tells us we can incrementally reflect on our place in the universe and even how nature operates. On this journey of life we have similar experiences over and over- but as we evolve as humans we are able to see them from a different perspective by leveraging our own experiences and knowledge in order to see them from a new light each time. This is the evolution our character goes through in the film- his spiritual journey.

Carl Jung told us that the spiral represents the archetype of the “cosmic force” and before The Revenant is over we see this come into play…

We see the spiral appear in several films and shows- so be aware that this is the Illuminati’s overall goal to push the evolution of consciousness:

Dark City’s Spiral

Florence + The Machine “St Jude” video- praying by the spiral stone as birds create a spiral of their own

True Detective‘s occult spiral

Home’s Evocation of Isis

I should also note the curious connection with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain because both films feature a character with a bird escaping upon death (I’m assuming this represents the soul). Note that the name of The Revenant’s director is Alejandro as well:

Another film being released with the All Seeing Eye symbolism is Warcraft:

This is another fantasy film that has captured the minds of the youth. The video game it is based off has its player obsessed with it (to say the least). The film will revolve around a land called Azeroth in which humans live- only to be threatened by a dark portal that opens up and allows alien orcs to invade.

I find it curious that we know CERN is attempting to open portals such as this- which begs the question of why we need to even do this. Furthermore, the land in Warcraft is called Azeroth, which is the same name given to the prince of “elemental evil” in Dungeons & Dragons…

A film called Moonwalkers will take a look at the theory that Stanley Kubrick really did fake the moon landings in 1969. In the trailer we see a set that is not only reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange but utilized the All Seeing Eye multiple times.

I wrote a book that explores a film arc of 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut in which we explore the idea that Kubrick was really in touch with the Illuminati and perhaps not only filmed the fake moon landing but inserted occult themes such as the alchemical transformation of mankind in his movies…

The book is now available


Somewhat ironically the film distributor that picked Moonwalkers up is called “Alchemy” which is the concept laid out in 2001: A Space Odyssey through the black monolith…

The Alien Invasion

There is more prep-work in garnering interest for the alien takeover coming our way. Of course, it’s hard to argue against making these films because quite frankly; who doesn’t enjoy an alien film? However, the sinister viewpoint of this is that the Illuminati are framing a future in which we’ll accept aliens upon their arrival as either a threat or our furthered evolved gods.

The aim of the alien takeover will be to destroy faith in all religions through the means of science. We’ve already heard NASA campaigning for proof of aliens by 2025 so it’s not like scientists (particularly evolutionary scientists) wouldn’t be on board with this. The dogma of scientific rule is already at hand because most people don’t actually understand the more advanced laws of science (and how can blame them- we’re kept quite busy worrying about the immediate future, economy, Facebook, etc.).

I’m not saying science isn’t a valid way of describing the natural world (I’ll humbly insert that I’ve got a Masters of Engineering from Penn State here- so trust me, I believe in scientific theories); however I am saying that science does no good at explaining the supernatural. If you believe that there is NOTHING supernatural that exists in our world then you’re at odds with most of the planet and even the occultists…

That being said, the Illuminati will use anything to their advantage and even though they believe in the supernatural, they may very well use science and evolution to support their pushes on transhumanism and/or alien takeovers. You see; they are looking for immortality and the evolution of consciousness. They believe they’ve been given higher powers and esoteric knowledge in order to lead us down this path to the New World Order in which chaos rules supreme. The destruction of religion and the “old world” is the first step- and they’re working overtime to push for this.
Let’s take a look at some of the films that push one of these cornerstones to Illuminati evolution through transhumanism, aliens, or evolution…

A film called Terminus features an alien intelligence and in the trailer they tell us it is beyond evolution; it is “creation.”

There is one actor that seems to be getting various roles that are connected together. You may remember him from Ex-Machina, a film that revolves around the transhumanism movement and the crossing of the singularity:

He also plays Poe in Star Wars: The Force Awakens…

…as well as Apocalypse in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse:

Is Oscar Isaac somehow privy to the big Agenda and is being involved in films that push the message of Illuminati desires? These films seek to add to the idea that we can destroy the world that is in existence and repopulate it with advanced humans/mutants or robotic transhuman entities that are more intelligent than mankind.

To add another piece of fuel to that fire; the actor Domhnall Gleeson is also appearing in similar films like Harry Potter, Star Wars (as General Hux), The Revenant, andEx Machina.

Another film that promises to bring some interesting ideas is Batman v Superman. I wrote a post about the hidden occult symbolism of this film, and in it we find that they are warning us of the alien-demon connection:

Devils don’t come from the Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.

We also see a variant on the eye symbolism with the posters featuring the eyes removed- perhaps a symbol of soulless entities- or maybe suggesting these “superheroes” aren’t super after all; just evil:

Independence Day 2: Resurgence adds to the big UFO scare by showing us the return of the aliens (similar to the Ancient Alien theory that suggests aliens created us and periodically intervene to help or even destroy us):

As you’ll see in the other sections- aliens and UFOs appear to be a major component to this new age the occultists seek to bring about. I believe it is because we’re being trained to fear and respect aliens. Shows like Ancient Aliens play on this idea that aliens could’ve been our seed of creation and that they are our true gods- and maybe the occultists are okay with that belief.

The aliens and UFOs could possibly make an appearance and it will potentially implement the break up of organized religion, societal beliefs, and other structures. SETI and other research groups have prepared for this by putting post-contact plans in writing (Declaration of Principles for Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

The main point is that aliens and UFOs are so embedded in our entertainment and real world that it’s quickly becoming acceptable to believe in them. I’m not suggesting that I don’t believe in them, but I am more concerned with the potential for manipulation by these entities that could very well be demons…

Crowley contacted an entity from the “Other Side” named Lam- the first ‘grey’ alien

Aeon of Horus- Child God Worship and the “Evolution” of mankind

Occultists believe that we are currently in an age of child-god worship known as the Aeon of Horus. This phrase was coined by British occultist Aleister Crowley as a time of “magical and religious expression.” He believed that he was “divinely” inspired to usher this age in which is why he dictated the Will of the Law and created the religion known as Thelema.

The progression of ages went from the Aeon of Isis (goddess worship), to the Aeon of Osiris (phallus worship and a time of great wars and destruction), to the final and current age: the Aeon of Horus. This Aeon of Horus will be a time when mankind enters into self-actualization and can become a god of their own; without the need for organized religion to guide them.

The child will dominate in this third age in which we’ll experience unprecedented individualization and a world where every person is able to pursue their own True Will as they see fit. If you don’t see this playing out in the real world- I’d advise you to get on social media and see the vast amount of narcissism and individualism available…

We’ve got an assortment of films supporting this time of the “crowned and conquering child” that Aleister Crowley described as the Aeon of Horus. If you based reality upon films you must believe that the youth are somehow going to save the world from impending doom. This marks a dynamic change in films where we traditionally saw an adult male saving the world (e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, etc.) to young boys or girls.

Particularly; there seems to be a theme of militarizing the young girls through these films. Theorists Freeman and Jamie Hanshaw have spoken of this in the past as the warrior-princess programming, but this seems to be a slight twist where the girls are being programmed as the warriors now.

The last few years saw waves of warrior programming of young women when Katniss took up her bow in the Hunger Games trilogy, and 2016 is grabbing the baton to push it further…

From a CNN article about Katniss’ influence on girls

In The 5th Wave we follow the story of Cassie Sullivan as waves of aliens attack the planet Earth. Cassie is a 16-year-old girl who is the only hope to save her 5 year old brother in this dystopian tale that the USAToday said

“…should do for aliens what Twilight did for vampires as it brings outer-space entities to Earth for the sole purpose of complete annihilation of mankind” – Brian Truitt, USA Today, May 6th, 2013

In the trailer we see more of the warrior programming of the youth:
“You will think, move and act like soldiers.”

It is also curious that the aliens of this story are referred to as the “Others.” I’ve been talking about the “Other Side” references in my writings such as SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where the dark entities of the Qlippoth reside. These demons of Kabbalah beliefs are not much different than aliens, so again; I’m concerned with the alien-demon connection here.

All Seeing Eye of Horus in The 5th Wave

Another similar tale/trilogy concludes in 2016 with Divergent: Allegiant. This tale is also a young adult novel set that focuses on another dystopian future where people are divided into certain classes. Those that don’t conform are called “Divergents” which is what our main character is.

Tris Prior is again; a 16-year-old female who has the future of all mankind resting on her shoulders. Apparently children are the only ones capable of independent critical thinking, combined with the combative know-how and testicular fortitude to stand up against the tyranny of evil. Or so Hollywood wants us to think in this Aeon of Horus…



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