Alien Art: Strange Statues At Nuka Hiva Depict Ancient Aliens

Art is often difficult to interpret. But, the meaning behind two statues found in the south Pacific seems pretty clear. Known as Temehea Toh...

Art is often difficult to interpret. But, the meaning behind two statues found in the south Pacific seems pretty clear.

Known as Temehea Tohua, these ancient sculptures may offer proof of something truly out of this world.

Reptile and Grey Aliens chiseled into the stones at Nuka Hiva

Undeniably, any art analysis is highly subjective. Over time, the original purpose gets lost. What started as abstract can easily become definitive when examined by historians. While this is undoubtedly true, one fact remains shockingly obvious: the Temehea Tohua statues are not human. The figures represented in these works are strikingly similar to modern images of extraterrestrials.

Although historians will likely never know who created these mysterious sculptures, recent analysis has attempted to verify exactly who (or what) is being portrayed. The challenge for researchers is to determine whether these statues are creative images of tribal deities or accurate depictions of alien visitors.

These centuries-old carvings were found in Nuka Hiva, an island in the Pacific Ocean. The 130-square-mile island is the largest of the Marquesas Archipelagos in French Polynesia. European explorers arrived on the island in the last decade of the 16th century, but historians believe the first settlers were actually from Samoa. However, perhaps an otherworldly race pre-dated the Samoans, creating these puzzling statues.

Even though its origin is still unknown, researchers now believe Temehea Tohua exhibits characteristics proving extraterrestrial contact with Earth. Despite being constructed almost identically, the statues feature two totally different appearances. It is these detailed differences in design that are most revealing. Scientists studying the features argue that these statues illustrate not one, but two different alien races.

One such alien race, the Reptilians, is prominently featured in the statues’ artwork. Known as the “Lizard People,” this group of advanced extraterrestrials appears in many conspiracy theories. Considered evil and manipulative, many researchers have theorized that this alien race operates in the shadows to secretly control mankind. The Reptilians, according to scientists, may have inhabited the island and interacted with humans.

Shown with smaller bodies and huge, elongated heads, the Grey aliens are also chiseled into the stones at Nuka Hiva. A bizarre mix of both alien and human traits, the Greys are often described as having elliptical, bug-like eyes. Multiple sculptures here bear an uncanny resemblance to this species.

There will continue to be questions surrounding this mysterious artwork tucked away on an exotic island. Regardless of what is actually depicted at Temehea Tohua, it is evident, however, that these figures are not human and may offer proof of alien contact centuries ago.



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