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Among the Illuminati, we mean a secret society with a history that goes back thousands of years and has its roots in the occult, the great B...

Among the Illuminati, we mean a secret society with a history that goes back thousands of years and has its roots in the occult, the great Babylonian culture, the Egyptian culture, the Celtic Druids and the Jewish kabbalah.

The society control in all the major events in the world, managing the global economy and to establish a new world order.

Some people see the Illuminati as a kind of shadow government for the whole world. They are also known under the name Skull and Bones.

The Illuminati would dominate world trade in arms, drugs, pornography and prostitution. They are mainly homosexual, doing pedophile practices, animal sacrifice, ritual murders and perform satanic rituals. Strong links are made between the Illuminati and the Vatican, the Jesuits and the Freemasonry.

Some writers such as David Icke (Buddy of Alex Jones) think that the origin of the Illuminati is extraterrestrial.

Reptile-like creatures would provide knowledge to the members of the Society, letting us share as their personal discoveries to the world.

The truth is the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati that happened on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt by the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt.

Video: What is the Illuminati in 120 seconds crash course

What is the Illuminati in 120 seconds is a crash course videos for people who have absolutely no knowledge about this topic and wants to learn:

This video is going through the following points:

Becoming a member of the Illuminati

The Illuminati is not a fan club where you will become a member of. It is a group of people that result from so-called royal bloodlines. Children are brought up with the knowledge and philosophy of the Illuminati. The most important families who are mentioned in the literature are:
  • Astor
  • Bundy
  • Collins
  • DuPont
  • Freeman
  • Kennedy
  • Li
  • Onassis
  • Reynolds
  • Rockefeller
  • Rothschild
  • Russel and van Duyn

There are strong links with the Disney family, Krupp and McDonald. Read the article How to join the Illuminati society for more information.

33rd degree – levels of initiation

An Illuminati member starts at the bottom of the ladder.

Illuminati are characterized by unconditional loyalty and subservience to the subsequent level and an unprecedented silence.

Through a series of initiations, a member can rise to a level of illumination of the thirty-third.

Later, there are 6 levels added, at the thirty-ninth level which one talks of the so-called “invisible masters”. These are the real leaders of this world.

Illuminati significance for the world

Illuminati would like to ruin the world. They do this by initiating continuous wars and / or on leave again erupt. In addition, they support both camps with weapons. The 9/11 attack would be directed by them, George Bush (see photo hand movement: sign of the horned), which could be a member of the Illuminati, to give legitimacy to start wars.

The Illuminati control the arms industry, particularly in the United States and have therefore also a prominent role in the firearms lobby.

The Illuminati would are behind the financial crisis that began in 2008 and which is still not under control. In addition, they do everything in their power to continue the crisis and to make it worse.

Currently, they do everything to also create a financial crisis in China. By pressing the Euro and Dollar, they have become worthless and China will soon contain trillions worthless loans to the West.

Purpose: To bring from chaos a new world order and humanity under one government: the Illuminati and some say thus subservient to Lucifer although we should not underestimate the ties with the Jesuits. They are the Jesuits as a kind of neo-Romans want to bring the world power back to Rome.

Illuminati and their power over people

The main reason why the Illuminati are engaged in prostitution, drug trafficking and pedophilia is evident. This gives them power over the people. Once you have something that others want and once you know something about a person, which that person would prefer it if it comes into awareness, then you can ask again reciprocal service to that person. Careers are ruined by unscrupulous people who do not want to cooperate.

Reduce world population

The world’s population is growing rapidly, as shown in the graph. A Malthusian catastrophe is coming. One of the goals set by the Illuminati itself is bringing back the Asian population to no more than 500 million. Has long suspected that the Illuminati have a hand in many settlements, especially in Japanese politics.

Currently they are working on biological weapons that particular breed-specific work and on the basis of certain genetic markers can decimate the world population. Illuminati is quite simply a movement of white people.

Attacks by the illuminati

Is the Illuminati behind attacks like the Twin Towers in 2001, London in 2005, Madrid in 2007 and Boston 2013. You would almost think so if you see this revealing card from the game Illuminati.

How did the designer of the game, Steve Jackson, know of this attack before it was done and why he was questioned by the FBI about this card?

There is growing evidence that the Illuminati want to create chaos and fear by deliberately planned attacks to thereby paving the way for a president from their own circle.

This would be due to the attacks can drive on the next great war, a war that the world will also need to decimate the Arab part of the world. Sources in security agencies claim that the developments that North Korea is in the field of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles only possible thanks to it by the West, especially the Illuminati, supplied technology. Again, an attack on the west paves the way for the destruction of a country.

Illuminati handshake

You can recognize the Illuminati by their special handshake.
Deceptions through popular channels

The Illuminati have influence on people through TV and Radio. Also the internet. For a long time i’ve followed the radio tv show host of Infowars, Alex Jones. Most remarkable is how Americans follow him like a blind flock sheep.

Below is a very impressive video based questions, not on perceptions. So that the viewer is awakened from, deception by answering the questions by them own. To see the true nature of mr. Alex Jones:

Funny is how some people get angry on me for the answers they gave. Especially angry disrespect Alex-a-like comments from the Alex Jones brainwashed followers. I want to add something:

He reminds me of an American TV preacher. They make a lot of money by scaring people.

Regardless of the way how Alex sometimes communicates exuberant. He broadcast old news to a terrifying breaking news. With facts as Nodes that even the Non-Americans know for decades, to play on the emotions of Americans. Because they recognize that and see that as the truth.
  • The Illuminati can destroy everything. Why does the Illuminati leave him alone, while Alex warns us about the Illuminati and it’s plans? The so-called pursuit by men in white after the CNN interview, is pure acting. Do not forget that Alex Jones is a television director.
  • The bloodline of the Illuminati is Jewish. There is a strong link between Alex Jones and the Jews (see movie). Married, invested, partnered and protected by Jews.
  • You can’t trust David Icke either. He is often guest at Infowars and is good friends with Alex Jones. Read more why you can’t trust David Icke. Mark Dice has also been on the show, to promote his book about the Illuminati (red flag).
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