Pope John XXIII Met An Alien Before His Death In 1961

Angelo Roncalli, the Good Pope, he met an alien before his death in 1961. The meeting in the gardens of Castel Gandolo. All witnessed by Lor...

Pope John XXIII Met An Alien Before His Death In 1961

Angelo Roncalli, the Good Pope, he met an alien before his death in 1961.

The meeting in the gardens of Castel Gandolo. All witnessed by Loris Francesco Capovilla. The private secretary of Pope John XXIII. The news appeared in a British newspaper and was later taken over by Sun in 1985. But no one paid any attention.

Today that meeting back in the limelight thanks to a video appeared on YouTube.

It goes around the world. That’s the whole story of a “contact” very special. Walked. The lake is a short walk, the silence of one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Walked. As they had done a thousand times in those beautiful summer afternoon. Side by side. As two friends. How ordinary people. Who want to sit a bit ‘on the sidelines. Out of the daily routine. It was July. One afternoon in July 1961, when it happened. “They had over our heads. Lights. Were colored lights. Blue. Orange. Amber. A few minutes, and then … “. 

And then, it happened. The imponderable. The impossible. What is also difficult to tell. So in one breath. The lights are spaceships. The spaceships are discs in the sky blue of an afternoon in Castel any Gandolo. They move silently. Are. For a few minutes on those two figures unmistakable walking side by side. How ordinary people. Then the contact. One of the spacecraft detaches from the flock. Lands. Stops “on the south side of the garden.” The tailgate opens and the cockpit is something out. E ‘”absolutely human.” Only. Just … has a light around. A light that surrounds him. Fell to their knees. The two. Then he got up and went without hesitation to Man. Towards that being “absolutely human” wrapped in a soft light and delicate. Penetrating. They talked about. “For about twenty minutes.” But they could not hear those voices. “I did not hear anything.” But talking. Gesticulating. For twenty minutes. 1200, infinite seconds. Then the man turned and went back to where he had arrived. He looked at me. And he wept.

What do you think?

Also Check John XXIII “Blessed”, Too? Open Letter to the Episcopate by father dr. Luigi Villa, English Translation of one of Don Villa’s books referred to in the Alice Von Hildebrand interview! I am appaled that Fr Luigi Villa clearly suggests that Card. Roncalli was initiated as a freemason. If the proof of this had been brought on time, Roncalli wouldn’t have been elected as Pope or even obliged to abdicate.Everybody knows that the Holy Spirit is among the Cardinals during the Conclave. How could they elect a freemason pope?
The whole content of this document are serious accusations. I cannot imagine why at least one was not kept by JPII to bar the way to John XXIII’s beatification.

The Contents of the Letter :::::::::::::::::

I am beginning this script on Pope John XXIII with the question cardinal Oddi asked himself, in 1988, in “Trenta Giorni” Magazine: “Was the ‘Papa Buono’ also a good Pope?”

make no secret, therefore, of my disappointment when, on December 20, 1999, John Paul II issued the Decree in which he officially recognized John XXIII’s “heroic virtues” (?), such as he listed: he promoted ecumenism; he inaugurated a new approach toward the Jewish world; he created the Secretariat for the Unity of the Christians; etc. As one can see, these are “virtues” of a new breed, since in the past one spoke, rather, of Faith, of Hope, of Charity, etc. Now, this new inventory of “virtues” could but rouse in me some perplexities, some doubts, some suspicions.

Hence those who studied the “curriculum vitae” of John XXIII, had the duty to analyze the not few sophisms that were present in his inaugural address of the Vatican II, which he pronounced on October 11, 1962; namely, the opening to the freemasons, to the protestants, to the Jews, to the communists; openings that so weakened the Church! Instead, his euphoric optimism caused him to say that those that brought to the opening of the Council were happy circumstances: «The conditions of modern life have eliminated those innumerable obstacles by which, in the past, the sons of this world impeded the free action of the Church». Words, those words, in open contrast with St. Pius X’s, when he complained of a world “ill with apostasy”, as well as with Pius XI’s, evoking the ill of atheism, and with Pius XII’s, who spoke of this “evil spirit that won’t lay down his arms”. But John XXIII saw everything “through rose-colored spectacles”, even though the previous year, in 1961, he had seen the shameful Berlin Wall come up and, always in that same year 1962, he had learned of the ominous crisis of Cuba. Was it that perhaps John XXIII had shut his eyes upon the tragic communist phenomenon which in 1846, already, Pius IX called “ A fatal doctrine most opposed to the very natural law” , and Pius XI, in his encyclical “ Divini Redemptoris” , condemned as “ intrinsically perverted” , adding that “ no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever” ?
One would deny that John XXIII had shut his eyes, when, in the month of May 1961, He still spoke of a “ fundamental opposition between Communism and Christianity” , but shortly after, however, John XXIII radically changed. In fact, in 1962, acting on his order, cardinal Tisserant signed an agreement with the Metropolite Nycodim, “ spokesman of the Kremlin” , with the aim of being able to invite some Orthodox “ observers” to the Council. Moscow, in fact, would accept the invitation, but on condition that not a word be uttered about Communism during the Council. This clarifies why a petition, signed by 450 conciliar Fathers demanding the condemnation of Communism, mysteriously vanished. And thus John XXIII subjected the Church to the veto of Moscow, and put a shameful silence on the bloodiest and criminal of totalitarisms.


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