Alien Abductions More Common Than We Thought - Ex-Military Officer Reveals The Truth

It seems that rumors of alien abductions over the decades may now be proven true. Derrel Sims, who once served as a military officer and a C...

It seems that rumors of alien abductions over the decades may now be proven true. Derrel Sims, who once served as a military officer and a CIA agent, comes out clean about his experiences studying alien abductions. He tells American History Channel that more often than not he finds alien implants on the victim of an alien abduction.

With more than 38 years of experience under his belt, Derrel is an expert on alien abduction and has conducted countless field research and on-site investigations. He has amassed an impressive collection of alien implants and fluorescence over the past four decades. He strongly believes that that the aliens that come to Earth have an organizational structure, not unlike human intelligence agencies.

Derrel stated in an interview with the Ancient Aliens host Giorgio Tsoukalos that aliens often leave some sort of a fingerprint on abductees: "When you touch them they leave a subdermal mark on you like a fingerprint”. He also showed Tsoukalos his impressive collection of implants.

Implanted Humans

The alien implants have gone through intense analysis by various laboratories. Research has revealed that the materials used to make the implants are of meteorite origin.

Every year, many people report being abducted by aliens. A famous case would be Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, ex-president of the Russian autonomous republic of Kalmykia. He had announced that he had been abducted by aliens and had memories of being aboard an alien ship.

There may be cases of humans that do not return, but for those that do, the abductees often come back with new knowledge or a set of instructions for mankind.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov described his enlightened experience: “We went to a spaceship and I was short of breath. They gave me a spacesuit. One of the aliens pointed in the direction of his chest and said that I could regulate the oxygen supply itself with a knob. The ship was huge. One of the rooms was as big as a football field. We landed on one of the planets to pick up equipment. I asked if she wanted to bring me back to earth and they did then too. A few days later I walked down the street and I thought: “Why they took me, ” I was sorry that I had asked no further questions. But I think it is not yet time for us to meet with these extraterrestrial civilizations, ”


Unassuming Abductees

Researchers have claimed that many out there have experienced alien abductions, but as they lack the proper understanding, do not realize what they had gone through. As such, many cases could have gone unreported. Polls have revealed that there could be hundreds of thousands more cases than what was originally expected or known. Alien abduction appears to be more commonplace and is very widespread throughout the world. Only a tiny portion have had their cases researched. Many others may go on with their lives putting what happened behind them, either not daring to come out with their experiences in fear of ridicule, or they just thought they had experienced a bad dream and nothing more.

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