Did Humankind Lost An Ancient Cosmic War On Mars?

Nuclear weapons often make the global news here on Earth thanks to North Korea. Our humble planet is not the only place to have nuclear acti...

Nuclear weapons often make the global news here on Earth thanks to North Korea. Our humble planet is not the only place to have nuclear activity according to a scientist from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr. John E. Brandenburg claims Mars has had two nuclear explosions in the past.

Brandenburg presented his claims at the AIAA Space conference in September 2016. He said about the areas of the nuclear explosions, "The sites are located north of Cydonia and Galaxias Chaos." There is the possibility that archeological artifacts could be found at those sites if we create the capability to do so.

Who Did It?

If the scientist is correct about his findings, it opens the question of who could possibly have set off the nuclear weapons and when did they do it. Not to mention how did they do it!

The work of Brandenburg was first analyzed by the US Department of Defense, it was them who gave him permission to present his findings at the AIAA conference in California. Here is a photo of proof of his full presentations, with the one being discussed here last on his agenda.

Where Are The Craters?

In the event of nuclear explosions, you would expect a crater, but this isn't the case. As happened in Hiroshima, the bombs can be designed to go off in the air to maximize damage, this means no crater is left behind. Brandenburg says that was the case on Mars as well. Instead, the huge shock waves are massive enough to cause catastrophic change to the red planet and drastically change its climate. Was it an attempt to successfully kill all life on the Mars?

The work has been closely studied by the Pentagon if the U.S. Were involved why they would be happy to let the findings be reported? No word appears to be known of the government's stance with regards to these findings. If they think it did happen, but they weren't involved, surely it would be important to find out who did it. There are only a very select few nations that could be responsible anyway! What do you reckon? Did the explosions never happen in the first place, or did they happen but this is yet another mystery we will never solve?

He claimed the blasts were hard enough to cause a huge catastrophe and change the climate on Mars drastically. Because there are no craters found, they need to have taken place in the atmosphere, according to Brandenburg.

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