ISIS Claims Responsibility For Lightning Storm That Killed 323 Reindeer In Norway

In a new video released yesterday, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the killing of hundreds of reindeers in Norway, claiming...

In a new video released yesterday, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the killing of hundreds of reindeers in Norway, claiming that the attack was “a final test” for what they describe as their new “ionospheric super weapon”.

More than 300 wild reindeer were killed by lightning on Friday at a Norwegian national park, during an abnormally powerful lightning storm.

In the propaganda video, a man identified as Abdullah al-Eilmi and claiming to be the head of the “Islamic Superweapons Department” of the Islamic State, says that the lightning that killed the animals was caused by a new super weapon inspired by the American HAARP project.

“Allah has allowed us to use part of his power in order to strike the infidels,” he claims. “With the help of Allah, we will now destroy the countries which have launched a crusade against the Holy Caliphate. This was our last test on animals, we will now strike the infidels with the might of Allah.”


The man in the video is believed to be a former member of the HAARP research team named Michael Donnovan who is known to have joined ISIS in 2014.

He explains that the terrorist group has built a high-power radio frequency transmitter and is now capable of using it to cause natural disasters anywhere on the planet.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), uses a high-power radio frequency transmitter to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere to modify the weather and disable satellites. The program has been blamed on numerous occasions for causing earthquakes, droughts, storms and floods, but those allegations have never been proven.

In the 7,43 minutes video, Abdullah al-Eilmi gives few details concerning the new super weapon, insisting of its potency and the fact that it can target any city in the world.


Experts disagree about the credibility of the Islamic State’s claim.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Norwegian Environment Agency spokesperson Kjartan Knutsen said the scale of the wildlife deaths was unprecedented in the country, and that ISIS could be behind the disaster.
“We have never heard about such numbers before,” he said. “I’ve heard of groups of cows getting killed, but this case is definitely impressive! It is not impossible that ISIS is responsible for such a massacre!”
However, most experts believe that the claim is unfounded, and many scientists even claim that such weapons are impossible to create.

Others insist that they ionospheric weapons already exist, but that the terrorist group’s claim is certainly false, since these weapons demand extremely hi-tech materials, specific scientific knowledge, and also cost billions of dollars and take many years to develop.



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