White House Science Chief Warns: Earth Highly Vulnerable To A Major Asteroid Strike

When one takes the time to think about our world in the grand scheme of things, one of the major conclusions to arrive to is that the Earth ...

When one takes the time to think about our world in the grand scheme of things, one of the major conclusions to arrive to is that the Earth is just floating in the middle of space with almost nothing protecting us from asteroids and other space debris hurling through space at breakneck speeds in all directions. It also isn't completely impossible that humanity has been completely eradicated except for a few thousand humans by such a cataclysmic event.

The great historian Graham Hancock once said that humanity is a species with amnesia that we have already attained great knowledge and scientific project only to be forced to start over by the chaoticness that is the universe. Further information on lost civilizations and the compelling evidence supporting it can be found in Graham Hancock's book, "Fingerprints Of The Gods" a good place for anyone wishing to break away from blindly following the established mainstream understanding of our human history which is also changing by the year. It should also be noted that it is thanks to Jupiter's massive size and gravitational pull that we aren't constantly bombarded by space debris as the giant brown planet's gravitational pull sucks many nearby asteroids into its pull.

The Earth Is Still Just A Rock In The Middle Of A Universe Of Danger

John Holdren, who is director of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy and President Barack Obama's chief science adviser. "We are not fully prepared, but we are on a trajectory to get much more so." Was Mr. Holdren's official statement when asked about NASA's current ability to protect the world from the type of massive asteroids that could cause a cataclysmic global restart. NASA's current project to help better protect us is called the Asteroid Redirect Mission or (ARM) which is the plan to send a probe out towards asteroids in a potential impact course with Earth and generate a minor gravitational field to gently nudge the meteorite off course over the series of years. If less time is available, then they would resort to a method called "kinetic impactors" which sounds a lot more impressive than it is. Essentially kinetic impactors are a series of spacecraft that would be launched straight towards the asteroid and crash into it to force it off course. Finally, as a last resort, NASA has proposed asteroids could be destroyed or knocked off course by out extensive collection of nuclear weapons.

While all this may come as a surprise and even be scary, one should try not to dwell too hard on factors that are not within our control. Humanity has been around for a long time and we will very likely continue to prosper for years to come.

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